New Selena Gomez Single Leaks…Is Demi Lovato The More Talented One?

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez at Teen Choice Awards 2011In the category of ‘Things I Didn’t Think I’d Care About Today’…who is the more talented member of the Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato feud, you guys? She may be a hot mess, but I think I’m gonna have to call this one for Demi. These two ladies used to be the bestest of friends, ever since meeting on the set of Barney, where they presumably bonded over their crippling anxiety over what more the Barney Bag could possibly hold. They came of age together in the Disney limelight and were pretty much inseparable, until something started to go south. And not just any something — Demi Lovato. Growing up famous must be pretty effing weird, and Demi started to lose her shit a little bit. A lot bit. There were fights on airplanes, rumors of cocaine use, trips to rehab, and struggles with eating disorders. Demi was in a pretty dark place, but to her credit, she kind of took herself out of the scene to really deal with it. (Minus her judging gig on X Factor, but her mess-factor was kind of eclipsed by the ticking time bomb that is Britney Spears sitting right beside her.) Meanwhile, Selena was dating Justin Bieber, getting cast in Spring Breakers, and just generally impressing me every single day with her ability to be much more beautiful and pulled together than me, even when slightly underage-drunk at the Golden Globes. With all that in mind, it’s tempting to write off Demi as a hot mess and relegate her to the same spot in your brain that holds the new photos of Amanda Bynes and the entire criminal history of Lindsay Lohan, but don’t do it! Look at the facts first before you make any rash decisions. These ladies both have new music out, so why not let them face off Youtube style to decide the victor of this musical Battle Royale.

The new Selena Gomez song is called ‘Rule The World’, and it was quietly and most likely inadvertently released / leaked yesterday. I don’t want to put any ideas in your head, but it’s pretty…underwhelming. Selena has a solid voice, but the song is halfway in between a ballad and a dance-able pop song, doing neither one particularly well. Once you’ve heard about thirty seconds, you’ve heard the whole thing. I mean granted, it wasn’t released as an official single, but it will be on the album, so I should probably have a desire to at least listen to it all the way through, y’know? In contrast, the new Demi Lovato song ‘Heart Attack’? I’m obsessed.

Put me in a club and let me dance to this. Do it and do it now. Demi may not totally have her shit totally together yet, but she’s working on herself and I’m kind of thinking it’s improving her music. She has something to push against, and her struggles come through in her music. I’m embarrassingly in love with this song. Like, sing it to myself in the mirror levels of obsession. It’s bad.

So yeah, that’s me casting my vote. Selena may be more popular and pulled together, but as of this very moment, I’m calling Demi the clear winner on the talent level. But please, ladies, by all means keep releasing your music at the same time to keep this debate going, and I’ll continue judging it by dancing around to it while cleaning my apartment in my underoos. Very official.

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    • PeoplePlease…

      I agree Demi is more talented in music but sucks at acting. Acting is where Selena is talented, she may lack on music but I think shes ok (love you like a love song baby…lol). Love them both :)

    • HG fan

      I personally am going to pick selena gomez, she has very catchy songs and her song love you like a love song was a hit. Demi does have a more developed voice but everyone cant be always have a deep voice and stuff. So if we were talking who is a more developed singer it would be demi, but in popularity and fun music wise it would definitley be selena. Selena is also a way better actress, demi gets annoying at times when i saw here. Now im a selena gomez fan but im not going to give sh*t to demi cause everyone has their own style.

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    • neil

      ok stop saying selena gomez is famous because of justin. she got famous because of wizard of waverly place.
      i wont compare them both i love them both as an actress and singers

    • DemiCanDoAnything

      Demi can sing, act, dance, and more. I don’t really like selena’s acting she’s boring to me…when Demi actually makes me want to watch her! And obviously Demi can sing better than selena, also dance…so yeah Demi is more talented than selena. Duh!

      • SCC

        Demi cannot dance well. Selena can! Selena won an Emmy, Demo sodium because she’s a terrible actress! Selena can sing as well by the way!

      • Husein Haveliwala Uhm… Yeah, sure she can’t dance :P

      • SCC

        I mainly saw her repeating the same thing over. Yes there was choreography involved but it wasn’t really good dancing. After I posted the comment I have seen a video of her dancing. She can kind of dance but I still believe that Selena Gomez is better. Partly because it’s one of her jobs, considering she’s on a dance tour right now. They both can sing and act although one acts more than the other.

      • Husein Haveliwala

        And one sings better than the other :)I honestly have nothing against Selena Gomez, her songs are pretty catchy… But let’s be completely honest here :P

      • SCC

        They have two completely different voices. It’s hard to compare them expecially because they have different ranges although Selena Gomez can hit some pretty high notes for her voice type. Selena Gomez’s softer and melodic and Demi Lovato’s is more powerful. I understand where you say that Demi sings better but it’s all relative. I am a fan of both, but being able to sing isn’t all about having a powerful voice.

      • Husein Haveliwala

        I know it isn’t… it’s just an opinion. I think Demi Lovato is a better singer, I’m not saying Selena can’t sing. It’s just, I don’t really care for someone who sounds kinda nasally and REALLY soft (I can’t really explain…). But yeah, I give her props for dancing. But she shouldn’t act like she’s singing most of the time, when she’s clearly not :P

      • SCC

        She doesn’t lip sync as much as people think she does. She only lip sync when the dancing is complex. She doesn’t want to sound out of breath while she’s dancing. At least she lip syncs over a live recorded not the studio version. Most of the time it’s only certain parts in the song though.

      • Husein Haveliwala

        Ohkay, ohkay… Quit defending her! I understand, okay? She’s not a bad singer.

      • SCC

        I want really defending her. I was just trying to explain why she lip syncs sometimes.

    • Natalie

      You can’t compare Demi Lovato’s voice and Selena Gomez’s voice. They’re different! Otherwise, the only reason Selena is maybe getting more success is because she is known more, unlike Demi. Otherwise I think Demi Lovato is so much more talented and should get much more credit and success in her career.

      • pinkbaby1995

        she will get credit in the long run….

    • Marianna

      I think they are both very talented artists…but i do think that Demi is the better singer and Selena is the better actor.

    • Kim

      Demi>>>>> Selena

      • SCC

        You lovatics are so immature!

      • Veronica

        you know whats ‘immature’?: replying to every single comment even though you’re getting owned.

      • SCC

        No it’s not, I’m not getting owned. I don’t get why most lovatics are so hateful towards Selena Gomez.

      • SCC

        No it’s not, I’m not getting owned. I don’t get why most lovatics are so hateful towards Selena Gomez.

    • Carlos

      Selena Gomez =)

      • BBWorld

        Demi Lovato

    • xoxox

      demi has much more musicality and a much better tone than selena. selena sounds nasily and whiny, although her songs are VERY catchy….she is not very talented voice wise. very autotuned as well. demi has a much fuller sound, she can riff really well, and her songs showcase real talent.

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    • haterz

      why do you have to compare them both of them are talented in their different ways and even if demi is a better singer that doesn’t mean she is more talented and if I were you I wouldn’t be talking cuz Im pretty sure u have no talent al all

      • pinkbaby1995

        seriously stop defending talentless gomez…she will be like britney many years later always trying to keep her fame because they don’t have the skills to last as long as mariah carey or demi

    • Mrs.Lovato

      Demi is WAYY more talented than Selena, Selena doesn’t have much talent…she can only act but not very well…Selena can’t hit a high note to save her life…demi is perfect

      • SCC

        No ones perfect! Selena can hit high notes, listen to lover in me! She acts much better than Demi! Her show got an Emmy!

      • pinkbaby1995

        tell me that when she can hit majority of demi’s high notes in the video,selena is only straining her vocals if she is doing high notes.

      • SCC

        Demi is straining her vocals a bit in this song. That’s like asking Demi to hit Selena’s low low notes. Demi CANNOT do that. They have different voice types so its not fair to just judge high notes.

      • pinkbaby1995

        when you talk about a singer’s skills,it is always the high notes,every damn singer can do the low notes like selena…the thing that makes them stand out is their high notes even if it is through straining, those who can’t do it sound like they are screaming

      • SCC

        You haven’t heard these low notes. Every singer can’t hit those. Selena can hit high notes too. Look up “Lover In Me Selena Gomez” on YouTube it’s a pitched version but you have the idea of what it sounds like when she hits the higher.

      • pinkbaby1995

        Go tell me that when she can hit a real high note LIVE,every singer has their lower notes and belted notes displayed on live performances,selena only shown her low notes.

        if you don’t know what any of those mean

      • SCC

        Here’s some live performances
        Live without audience: Type in Selena Gomez Who Says Acoustic into YouTube (first one)
        Live in front of audience: Type in Selena Gomez Bang bang bang best buy into YouTube (first one)

      • pinkbaby1995

        all I heard was low notes…her “high” notes were way too low to be considered actual high notes.

        what actual high notes should sound like:

        I have nothing by whitney houston has actual high notes in,if a normal person like all of us do it,we’d lose our voices trying to hit the notes in the chorus

      • SCC

        Selena is a contralto vs Demi and Whitney who were/are mezzo-sopranos. Contraltos can hit lower notes vs Mezzo-sopranos can hit higher notes. In their range both voice types have similar capabilities. Based on this, Selena can hit much lower notes than Demi. And Demi can hit higher notes than Selena.

        Those videos weren’t showing her high note capabilities. There were meant for you to see that she can sing!

        What do you think now about her singing from the two videos? She has vibrato and it sounded the same as in the recordings.

      • pinkbaby1995

        she is weaker than even most of the weak singers I have heard….she has vibrato but if she keeps using auto tune,she will make people think she can’t sing…auto tune is reserved for the ones that can’t sing to start with.

        if she wants people to think she can sing,stop with the auto tune,britney did not do any of this auto tune crap when she started out,hear her much older songs from the 2000s,even if she could do low notes,she did not use so much auto tune

      • SCC

        Plenty of her songs have no auto tune. Bang Bang Bang (the music is softer so you can hear a lot of her voice), Who Says, A Year Without Rain (how can people say she can’t sing after that), Round & Round (effects), Love You Like A Love Song, Hit The Lights, and The Way I Loved You (one of her only ballads), etc…

        Selena doesn’t use auto tune because she has to, it’s because that is the point of the song. And why don’t people like Lady Gaga get judged for using it?

        Demi uses auto tune also. Have you heard Heart Attack, a bit of Made in The USA, Fire Starter, Neon Lights, songs from Unbroken.

        Her voice might change in a year. She has a pretty soft voice. She can sung more powerfully but only for part of a song.

      • pinkbaby1995

        There are people who use their auto tune to the point they don’t sound human….and their lives without the back up vocals is an ear sore to hear.this group’s korean company wants to get into the US LOL!

      • SCC

        That sounds terrible.

        and by the way Selena uses auto tune moderately too!

        Lady Gaga uses it most put of the people you listed!

      • pinkbaby1995

        lady gaga’s songs would be weird as hell without the auto tune…she has done it from the very beginning.

      • SCC

        And it’s her style…

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    • Momina Lovato

      Selena have sold more albums in the U.S, but Demi have sold more albums worldwide. Demi actually can sing, and hit high notes. To all of you guys that say that Demi is a a bad actress: She acted like she were happy for YEARS, and no one knew. BYE, people.

    • selenator:)

      Stop saying demi is better than selema yeaa she has a strong voice so what that dont mean she’s better than nobody sel CAN sing soo stop saying she cant there both talented & SELENA WAS FAMOUS BEFORE SHE DATED ANYONE HER DATING PPL DONT MEAN NOTHING SHE’S BEEN ACTING SINCE SHE WAS LITTLE & SHE’S AMAZING SHE GOT TO THE TOP ON HER OWN & NOT CAUSE SHE DATED SOMEONE ! -.-

    • Electric Panda

      I would date Demi if she knew who I was. And if she was interested in me, of course.

      That is my opinion.

    • Jessica

      Stop arguing, Demi and Selena are both famous and the same, there EX BFF’s, your just gonna make them hate each other if you keep thinking it’s competition between them! Do you people know how to SHUT UP? Just let them live there life and sing! Atleast some people can get famous unlike others!
      Selena has tons of good songs and albums and so does Demi, and they’re both Disney’s BFF’s, sure, Demi has stopped acting to go to a treatment center and Selena Gomez is filming more mature movies for her but that doesn’t mean you can just talk to them like that, they’ll always be Disney’s best BFF’s (Other than Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman) and always can come back to Disney! Disney isn’t mad with Demi because she went to Rehab, they also said that she can return any time she would like to, and Selena can return if she wanted to, they haven’t done anything bad like Miley Cyrus, Even though I’m not trying to be mean to Cyrus since shes a good singer too but Selena and Demi are still welcome to Disney and there music is both under Hollywood Records!

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    • crazykidswork

      To me I don’t think Selena is a strong Singer. Demi has way more range and control. Now when Selena sings it’s more playbacks and her backup singers hiding her voice while Demi can go full on acapella. Selena should just be an actress because realr singing sucks. If u doubt me just go on YouTube and type in Demi lovato lip synch you’ll find absolutely nothing on her but try Selena and you’ll probably find alot. Demi may not be a popular but she is more talented