Kristen Stewart Has A Girlfriend, Or Maybe Just A Girl (Space) Friend

Kristen Stewart Academy Awards Feb 24 2013In your latest round-up of Kristen Stewart Allegation, Salacious Rumors and How Are We Still Talking About Her Relationships News, we have evidence that she has a girlfriend. And by evidence, I mean The National Enquirer seems slightly confused as to how female friendship works. Because despite what they’re saying, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything more going on here besides two ladies enjoying each other’s company.

And tell you what, Kristen Stewart seems like the kinda girl who needs a friend now. So let’s not take that away from her. She’s had a rough year. Mostly because she gave birth to a vampire baby who’s destined to marry a man who once tried to date her. Oh also, married men are banned from working with her because she’s a harlot. That’s not easy stuff to deal with for anyone. Let alone someone who can’t have a close conversation with a friend without it turning into tabloid fodder.

Celeb Dirty Laundry has the insider information on the insider who gave The National Enquirer this information. It’s all very insider-y. Especially because I’m writing this article inside a building.

An insider told TheNational Enquirer “Rob will hit the roof when he sees photos of Kristen and Tamra hanging out together. It’s obvious to all of her friends that there’s a romance brewing between them.”  The magazine alleges that Kristen paid a lot of attention to Tamra at an event on March 3 and they spend all their free time together.  The source also said Kristen doesn’t act like she misses her boyfriend Rob Pattenson. He has been in Australia shooting his new film The Rover with Guy Pearce. The source also adds that Tamra is a gay rights activist who marched in last year’s Gay Pride parade.

Well the proof isn’t in this pudding because what?! Their evidence comes from an insider who bases her story on the fact that Kristen and Tamra Natisin spend time together while Kristen’s not actively missing her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Which I guess means this insider believes Kristen should be constantly moping and isolating herself. And if she’s not, she’s dating someone else. That’s just how relationships work. You can’t just say you miss someone. You have to constantly be found curled up in fetal position, weeping in corners and singing ”On My Own.” What someone should probably explain to The National Enquirer is that sometimes females spend a lot of time together without falling in love. I’ve seen it happen with my own two eyes, so I know this isn’t an urban legend or myth or hoax. Female friendship is a real thing.

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    • sleepysone1995

      FAKE is written all over this tabloid shit…like how they would make up rumours about brad and angelina breaking up

    • poetri

      yes this totaly fake, because kristen and tamra is bestfriend,and tamra is robert pattinson bestfriend too. gossip cop said this rumors untrue

    • ghie carreon

      This news is really not funny. Stop torturing Kristen Stewart by this nonsense allegations.

    • RobJoy

      If the National Enquirer says it’s going on, it probably isn’t. They are the least reliable tabloid being printed unless it’s World Weekly News who is even worse.

    • TruthfulGirl

      Just because someone is a gay activist doesn’t mean they’re gay. Some of us (including straight people!) actually believe in equality for all

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