Is Nicole Richie Auditioning For The Role Of The Third Olsen Twin?

Nicole Richie at Valentino show Paris Fashion Week March 2013

Has anybody else noticed that Nicole Richie has been looking a little different lately? I’m not talking about the fact that she doesn’t have Paris Hilton perched on her shoulder anymore like a rich blonde parrot, that stopped happening years ago. No, I’m talking about her demeanor in general. Other sites are calling her out on losing weight to an unhealthy degree, saying that “she looked unbelievably thin” at Paris Fashion Week. It’s probably at the forefront of of people’s minds given that Nicole has an ongoing battle with anorexia, for which she received treatment in 2006. And while we here at Crushable hope that she’s okay and trust that the people around her are making sure she’s happy and healthy…has anyone considered that Nicole might be auditioning for a role as the third Olsen twin?

Think about it, Nicole has proven in the past with all that The Simple Life nonsense with Paris that she likes to go through life with a buddy. Sure, she’s married to Joel Madden, but she needs a girl buddy who understands fashion and being rich and partying and having fun. And what’s better than one buddy? TWO BUDDIES! Two matching buddies! She’s definitely auditioning for a spot next to Mary-Kate and Ashley, I know it. Look at the way she’s done her eye makeup; she’s mastered the plaintive puppy-gaze. And the prune face with the little-bit-too-heavy-makeup? She’s so on her way to being just another one of the Olsen twins — you know, dating old rich guys and building prescription pill backpacks and stuff.

But lest you get any ideas and start calling them the Olsen triplets, you better cut that shit out. Even if there are three of them, they’ll be called the Olsen twins until the day they put me in the earth. That rule is written into the bylaws of our Constitutio and must never be broken.

(Image: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)

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    • Ugh

      This has got to be the stupidest article ever. Nicole has said herself countless times that she never had an eating disorder, even though she has admitted that she was too thin, she has repeated that anorexia wasnt the reason behind her weight loss. So no, she was never treated for anorexia. She went into rehab cause she had drug problems, that’s all.
      Why don’t you look for other pics of Nicole at Paris Fashion Week this year? She looks just fine. That red Valentino dress didn’t suit her, that’s all. Stop the drama. She’s happy and not fighting any body issue.

      • Leesha

        I love your comment, “She went to rehab cause she had drug problems, that’s all.” That’s all… Well at least drug problems aren’t as bad as anorexia.