Branson Says He Won’t Date Lady Mary, Dashing Our Hopes For A Maury/Downton Abbey Crossover

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While the cast of Downton Abbey continues to fall apart faster than a second-rate ’90s boy band, it’s nice to know that some people on that set still have some common sense. Not looking at you Dan Stevens

When a fan recently asked Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech if their recently widowed characters would get together in season four, they both said no. Because it’s weird. And nonsensical. And a little too Maury Povich for a place as classy Downton.

Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) and Allen Leech (Tom Branson) — who are already a few episodes into shooting Season 4 — expressed horror at the mere suggestion of such a coupling. “Oooh, I can’t do that,” Dockery says of her character. “He’s my brother-in-law!” Leech agrees. “While it would be great for drama, I don’t think it would be right for those two,” he says. “As much as they respect each other, they come from very different worlds.”

Thank you Michelle and thank you Allen. As soon as Matthew Crawley died in the season three finale this winter, people started whispering about Lady Mary and Tom getting together. Even though they’re two entirely different people with two entirely different life goals in mind. Despite what you may have learned in the dark corners of the Internet, being a widower isn’t an aphrodisiac.

“B-b-but, they’re both single parents!” I hear people cry out, “they have so much in common.”

Psh-tosh. You know what they have in common? A nanny. That’s it. This isn’t a modern day comedy about two lonely single parents who meet during a funeral home mix-up. It’s a period piece about what happens when actors pull a Mischa Barton at the height of their show’s popularity and therefore force the creator to kill them off.

So I for one am thrilled to hear that Lady Mary and Branson will avoid V.C Andrews territory and try dating outside of the house. I hear that has a 99% success rate (or your estate back!).


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    • mse

      I expect some great emotional bonding scenes between these two but I’m so very glad it isn’t HAPPENING happening. This is a classy British show not some 3rd grade CW crap. And I loved many CW shows in my life. Seriously. But their character developments are horrible. Downton knows better than that.

      • Jenni

        Killing two main characters was CW-enough for me. Back to the family being whole and normal and dysfunctional!

    • Moira

      You could not legally marry your in laws in England at that time, check out The Wingless Bird for that story line.

      • Jenni

        Downton Abbey doesn’t care about the law, because I’m pretty sure that O’Brien’s hairstyle was illegal too