Amanda Bynes Is Back, And Yes, It’s As Bad As It Sounds

Amanda Bynes 2013Hey guys, look at this cry for help that I found lying around the internet! Amanda Bynes sent it and I’m pretty sure we should open it up and do something about it. She’s been on the crazy train for quite some time, but I think she’s starting to pick up speed on the downhill, if these new pictures she’s taken of herself and posted on the internet are any indication. Let’s take a moment to absorb the weirdest parts of the first one, above. Is it her extra-long fingernails? Her too-heavy make-up? Her extremely odd outfit? That hat? The fact that she’s WEARING A WIG? Are any of those the weirdest things? Or is it maybe the fact that she has an almost professional looking background and that she probably didn’t take these herself? I can’t decide if it’s worse if she did this alone or with a friend. Amanda Bynes 2013 jewelryThis time we’re finished doing our makeup, so we’re gonna move on to an updo and a little pose. Still rocking that tan we’ve heard so much about, and your lips are just as weirdly pink and chola-y as ever. Oh and the cheek piercings! Let’s talk about that? What would possess you to get such things? I see you’re wearing a pilot’s hat and you have what I’m assuming is an airplane wing tattooed on the inside of your right arm, so that must be a passion of yours, and they’ll never let you up in the cockpit with that much hardware around your neck and buried in your face! Congratulations, though, because there is absolutely no light coming out of your eyes. I don’t know how you managed it, but it’s a real bonus because it means you can fly in the dark using only your sonar, like a bat. I’m assuming you have sonar, right Amanda? I advise all my celebrity clients to get it once they seem like they’re going off the deep end.

(Images: Crunktastical)

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    • Jenni

      She’s entered the LiLo phase of destruction known as mystery face bloat.

      • GarnetHenderson

        And those cheek piercings… I just can’t.

    • EKW2188

      This really makes me sad. I used to idolize her!

    • Jessie

      Guys, maybe this is just her Aubrey O’day / Nicki Minaj costume for a party.

    • Lauren

      I think the fact that she only lined her top lip and didn’t blend it, and seemed to ignore her atucal lip entirely while doing so is the most disturbing.

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    • Bee

      I don’t understand why OP has to be so nasty. You don’t like the tattoo or the piercings? Good thing they’re not on you. You don’t like the outfit or makeup? Don’t wear it. If she feels confident and happy, then that’s all that matters.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I don’t know if she’s confident OR happy. I’d bet neither, based on her recent behavior.

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