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SNL Was Filled With Justin Timberlake And Also Everything And Everyone I Love

Justin Timberlake SNL

Last night’s SNL with Justin Timberlake reminded me of the show I grew up watching; when everyone else was invited to sleepovers and I was sitting with my Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday nights, eagerly awaiting that week’s episode because it was always that good.  It brought me back to the times when I was a teenager, and while I was kind of cool enough to be out Saturday nights, I was still not cool enough to not record SNL on old VHS tapes to watch on Sunday mornings.  (I once recorded over my 7th birthday party because Alec Baldwin was hosting. I wish that were a joke or an exaggeration for the sake of this post, but alas it is not.)

JT hosted for the fifth time and did not disappoint… which continues to surprise me because he is, after all, a member of ‘N Sync and I used to want to strangle him with his own turtleneck sweater regularly back then.  I love the Justin Timberlake of today, however.  And because there has been so much hype over his SNL performances over the years, there will probably come a time when he is hosting and a sketch falls a little flat.  Luckily, that time was not last night!  I’ve been unusually pleased with SNL this season, and JT’s hosting/musical performances just solidified my renewed love affair with a show that has meant more to me and my life than any television show probably ever should.

In case you were busy doing whatever under your rock last night, here are some of the best moments of the night.

It’s a Date
The “Dick in a Box” duo AND Two Wild And Crazy Guys?!  I can’t even.  I absolutely love it when classic SNL characters make a reappearance.  I would freak in the back of a PT Cruiser with any/all of them.

The Five-Timers Monologue
Another really great idea for a sketch.  I know it’s an easy way to get people excited and generally please everyone, but when original cast members and/or Tom Hanks show up in a sketch it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will poop my pants.

Stefon, Weekend Update
While I think Stefon makes appearances more often than he should (I want Stefon to always be great, you know?) he had some fun spring break ideas last night.  In case you’ve ever wondered what a traumatized Donald Duck sounds like, be sure to watch this clip.

Romantic Comedy
She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she has everything you’d ever want in a woman.  Including a dick.

Nuva Bling
For some reason, this clip isn’t on Hulu yet which is a shame because it’s fucking hilarious.  Glam up that clam, ladies!!!


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