Matilda Rose Now Looks Like A Little Teeny Tiny Michelle Williams Clone

Matilda Rose Shopping March 6 2013

After seeing Oz the Great and Powerful, I kinda have a crush on Michelle Williams. Yes, like everyone else in Oz, I got entranced by Glinda’s power and beauty. Also her wand. I want a wand so very badly. For example, I’m very hungry right now. If I had a wand, I’d conjure up a fridge filled with exactly what I want to eat. But alas I don’t. So I’ll have to get up at some point and get my food the boring old mortal way — and by that I mean rummaging around in the company fridge until I find something that someone else brought that looks more delicious that my stupid sandwich.

Anyway, now that I’m on a Michelle Williams kick, I’m clicking on everything related to her. And when I came upon this adorable photo of her daughter Matilda Rose going shopping, I had to share them with you. Up until very recently she looked like Michelle Williams for obvious genetic reasons, but not spit and image.

However now she’s like a miniature of her mother, the Polly Pocket of Michelle Williams if you will. In fact, if I could put her in my own pocket right I would. But that’s only because I have an unhealthy obsession with celebrity children. It’s something I should probably address at some point in my life.

Not now though, not today. Not when we have this photo of Matilda Rose wearing an incredibly cute outfit right in front of our faces. When I try to pull off polka dots and stripes and three different colors, people don’t sit next to me on the subway. When Matilda does it, she looks like Tavi Gevinson’s protoge. But in a totally normal kid way. And that’s pretty impressive for a kid who doesn’t come from normal parents — and knows Jason Segel personally.


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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      She’s so cute! I can see a little bit of Heath in her, too.

    • andy

      I disagree. I think she looks more like Heath Ledger

    • Pam

      She is the spitting image of Heath. 100%

      • Jenni

        We’re going to have to agree to disagree here.

      • kait

        agreed, and always has

    • jef3r

      The instant I scrolled down and saw that picture I saw her father. I don’t see Michelle at all. She’s a mini-Heath Ledger.

      • Jenni

        Ugh, maybe I did get it all wrong. But I blame it on staring at Michelle Williams in Oz for two hours.

      • abbeysbooks

        This is what happens. I notice so many young girls around here looking like Kristen Stewart. The ahir, the gestures, the make up or lack of it, the clothes on off time. And the young men movie stars have started smouldering.

    • Emmali Lucia

      I have never seen a kid look more like their father.

    • Jen

      other than having blonde hair she looks very little like Michelle and exactly like Heath Ledger…

    • Tan

      Actually I see Michelle creeping in

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