Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Both Responded To Taylor Swift, So We Know There’s Good Cell Service In Hell

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Great news for everyone who’s planning to travel to Hell this year! He-Man-Women-Haters-Club Co-Presidents Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have both individually responded to Taylor Swift’s comment yesterday about them going to the special part of hell reserved for funny women who make funny jokes about timely pop culture matters. Well it’s not so much a part of hell as it is a cruise ship called the Carnival Triumph. But that’s neither here nor there. (It’s really just more of my personal effort to make sure we never forget about that ship of horrors.)

What’s important to know from all this is that there’s clearly great cell service in Hell if Tina Fey and Amy Poehler both responded. I mean, I know my primary concern about traveling to Hell for spring break this year was that I would get there and be unable to make any calls. Or worse, upload photos of the fiery landscape tagged #nofilter to Instagram.

But contact from Amy and Tines changes everything. Because not only did they get a message all the way from Hell to the corner office in Heaven where Taylor Swift takes cat naps during the day, but they got the message out loud and clear.

First Amy Poehler told The Hollywood Reporter“Aw, I feel bad if she was upset. I am a feminist, and she is a young and talented girl. That being said, I do agree I am going to hell. But for other reasons. Mostly boring tax stuff.”

Then Tina Fey told Entertainment Tonight (which in unrelated news, broadcasts 24/7 in VIP rooms in Hell), ”If anyone was going to get mad at us [for our jokes], I thought it would be James Cameron. I did not see that one coming,” Fey told Entertainment Tonight. “It was a light-hearted joke.”

So I think it’s safe to say that cell reception in Hell is great. Just Tony the Tiger great! Which means that we can throw all our excuses for not booking those flights out the window. It’s the place to travel to this year if you want to see some great sights, meet some great women-hating-women and really just get a nice tan. There’s nothing quite like the fires of Hell to give you that summer glow you really want.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      If these ladies are in hell, I don’t know any place I’d rather be.

    • mse

      I really felt that they Taylor Swift quip was in good humour. I absolutely do not agree with the negative campaign that the media seems to have going against Swift. Mainly because no woman should be publicly humiliated for things like how many relationships she had. But I don’t think that Amy and Tina are the right people to be held responsible for that.

      On the other hand, it’s good to know that I’m gonna be in some great company after I die. :D

      • amy teill

        I feel like she doesn’t so much get humiliated for having the relationships, she gets humiliated for making the relationships public/writing immature songs about them/making fun of the ex’s whenever she can (including on stage at the grammys/cry for attention whenever she gets dumped/being a whiny little brat about it. It is possible to be a celebrity and keep relationships on the downlow instead of acting like you’re in middle school and the world is your recess gossip time.

      • Jenni

        Yes! I don’t think anyone (mature) is shaming her for having boyfriends. That’s not abnormal, especially at her age. People joke around about her having lots of boyfriends because she writes about them in a vague blind item way that turns her albums into guessing games.

      • Kelly

        She doesn’t have “lots of boyfriends.” She has stated herself she has dated 2 people since 2010. She gets linked to people in magazines, then the rest of the media just follows along blindly then hate on her.

      • Amanda

        Oh dear Lordy child, you can’t be serious?

      • amy teill

        ^this is the funniest most naive thing I’ve read today

    • Daisy

      Love those ladies–total class acts! :) Both those responses walked the perfect “conciliatory” line that was neither a retort nor an apology. Both humourous and kind. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how celebrities should talk about other celebrities in public!

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    • Alecia Murphy

      I don’t feel like it’s a negative campaign against her for number of boyfriends or whoever she considers these guys to be. Like Amy said she turns these “relationships” into hits in the form of a blind item.
      Nobody ever said anything about Adele doing 21 because she let it all out and then moved on. It seems like T. Swift falls into the same pattern instead of doing something different.
      If I were a guy, I wouldn’t even try to be her friend- there’s too much risk involved.

    • sleepysone1995

      I am like tina fey…it is supposed to be a joke but yet some bitch like taylor is so fuckin sensitive that she has to call me a bitch

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