Welp, Here’s Another Sign That Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner May Not Be So Happy

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner

Bad news bears for all you couple-loving kids out there who want to believe in Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. We just got the second sign in just a few days that they might not be happily married as we previously thought.

On Sunday we got Ben Affleck’s super unnecessary meditation on the hardships of marriage during his Oscars acceptance speech. As many people have pointed out, he’s right, marriage is work. But if there’s a time and place not to talk about the ins and outs of one’s marriage, it’s probably when one’s accepting an Oscar. It’s not like it’s Hollywood tradition to rehash your counseling sessions in your acceptance speech. In fact, if my memory serves correctly all you have to do is say “I love you” and the fans go wild.

Then today we got this uncharming anecdote from Us Weekly about Jennifer Garner hating Ben’s beard so much she brought clippers to an Oscars party.

“He did it himself at the restaurant,” with help from pals, an insider tells Us of Affleck, who purposely grew out the scruff as his lucky charm for awards season. (Despite the Best Picture win, Affleck was famously snubbed in the Best Director category, where the Academy failed to acknowledge him with a nomination.) “The whole family was tired of the beard!” the source adds of Garner, 40 and kids Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and Sam, 12 months, plus other relatives. Indeed, his wife of six-plus years “actually brought the clippers to the party.”

As a fellow beard-hater, I understand that she may have wanted it gone. But making him shave it off on presumably the biggest night of his life (career-wise) seems a little harsh. Almost — and I’m speaking purely from self-help books I read the titles of on the bookstore shelves here — as if she wanted to reminded him who’s boss. Sure he can win the Oscars at work, but she can win the war at home. Shit I think I just wrote the plot to an ABC Family movie. But nevertheless, this struck me as strange. Especially the part about the baby. I highly doubt the beard bothered Sam. So Sourcey Source, next time you leak something, make sure to leave the unbelievable part out. It makes the overall story easier to digest.

Look. I know it’s hard to find real love in Hollywood. Every time we think we’ve found another “it’ couple, they go and break-up on us. Or worse get divorced. (Yes, I’m still working my Amy Poehler and Will Arnett issues out with my therapist.) So I understand why everyone wants Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to be our couple. That one couple who’s going to make it. I mean, they have three absolutely adorable kids so they have to make it…right? RIGHT?

Well maybe not. They might not be that couple. Or they may be that couple. I’m just saying you might want to start finding another beautiful family to obsess over. You know, just in case the worst happens.

(Photo: Survivor, PacificCoastNews.com)

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    • et

      Ummm… how is that any sign of impending divorce? We need more news…

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        So do we.

    • CMJ

      I love my husband – but I once told him he looked like a homeless man and made a haircut appointment for him. He also has a lot of inappropriate t-shirts that I HATE and tell him to change if he ever wants to leave the house.

      • Isabelle

        That seems really odd. I can’t imagine treating my partner like that. It seems so b!tchy and controlling.

    • BuckyBoyd

      Ben has said many times in interviews that Jen and the kids hate when he has a beard. I remember when someone they liked his beard after he mentioned Jen didn’t like it and he said something like “Well you’re not the one kissing me!” haha. He said his kids always yell at him because they don’t like his scratchy face LOL

      If you seriously think this mean they’re splitting than you’re nuts. He’s made it clear ever since he started promoting Argo that facial hair is not well liked in his house and he said the only reason he kept the beard this long for the rewards season was because he has superstitious beliefs and thought it was good luck. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill!

      • Jenni

        Don’t you think bringing clippers on the night of the Oscars is a little extreme?

      • CMJ

        This is a theory: but maybe she said, “fine…you can keep the beard but if you win, we’re shaving it off at the first party we go to.” What is extreme to you might be a cute agreement between them.

      • BuckyBoyd

        How do you not know it was planned between the two of them? Other articles have sources who say Ben was eager to shave it off and thats why he did at last night because it was no longer needed and it was an end of a chapter.

    • http://twilightirruption.blogspot.com/ abbeysbooks

      O jenni. You can do better than this.

    • jenley2013

      Stop, you’re making me sad :( I want them to last!

      (And for the record, I don’t think it’s so bad she wanted him to look more presentable in one of his biggest nights. That beard was too much)

      • Jenni

        I’m not trying to make anyone sad, just trying to prepare everyone for the worst. So it hurts less, you know?

    • Elize

      You know you are so used tosplitsville that you see a divirce behind every tree, Ben stated about a 100 times in the past how much he loves Jen antheir adorable kids, look at pictures of the together when they are talking the LOVE THEY HAVE FOR EACH OTHER IS WONDERFUL please stop this divorce crap and if they do not look to lovey dovey EVERY COUPLE on this earth have a fightdisagreement once in a while