Who Exactly Volunteered Their Child To Be Suri Cruise’s Body Double?

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise arriving at the Music BoxSo according to TMZ, Suri Cruise has a body double now? What new Scientology devilry is this?? I get that Suri is famous and all — she’s the daughter of Katie Holmes, the mildest, side talking-est brunette in all of showbiz, and Tom Cruise, the smallest, springiest Scientology elf there ever was. But she’s also six years old, so why exactly does she an identical copy of herself roaming the city with her visiting parks and eating fro-yo? TMZ has separate pictures of the two dressed exactly alike — in blue parkas, black tights, and brown Uggs with pink soles — just wearing different colored hats.

Wait but I don’t get this! She’s six! It’s not like she’s a famous inventor who holds the secrets to nuclear fusion in her brain and you’d have to capture and tickle them out of her. She’s just a normal, famous little girl who, judging by her constant koala-grip on her parents, doesn’t like to walk or smile or see the sunshine. It’s probably how I would be if I grew up famous, too. I don’t even like talking to people that I do know, so I can’t imagine I’d be obsessed with being followed around by strangers with cameras. But I think you’d have to be crazy to try to kidnap her with all the security surrounding her, so what’s the deal here? Is it just a coincidence that the girls looked the same that day, or is that seriously a body double? And if it is, which six-year old’s mother is willing to sell her into body double slavery? WHAT’S GOING ON HERE.

Actually I better just calm down, because Suri is probably only allowed to hang out with other little girls who look exactly like her. I have heard much weirder things about Scientology.

(Image: Mr. Blue / WENN.com)

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    • Lala

      Stupid writers! TMZ is your source of accurate news??

    • CF98

      You people are morons this is a friend of Suri’s(possibly cousin) as I’ve seen a pic of this kid before.. she’s not a body double.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        But why are they dressed identically?!?

      • jsterling93

        I have nieces ( cousins not sisters) who are only 6 months apart in age. My mother use to dress them in identical clothes whenever she took them places. It was weird but she loved it. Maybe that is the case here as well.

      • Jessie

        Did you never have “twinsie” says with your friends growing up? From the sounds of things you didn’t, so allow me to explain: Sometimes little girls have friends and they think it’s fun to dress up the same as each other once in a while. Don’t ask me why, I can’t explain it even to this day, but it happens. I had friends when I was little and we did that all the time. It’s just a weird kid thing. Or maybe their moms just did it because it’s cute.
        Trust me, if she was body double, they most likely wouldn’t be seen in the same areas as each other. They’d put one kid in a different are of the city (alone with a Katie Holmes look-alike, most likely) to try and confuse paparazzi and other stalker type people into staying off the REAL Suri.

        You people really ought to get a better news source than TMZ, seriously.

    • Ramrod johnny

      Why is it little miss Cruise must be picked up and carried everywhere? Can’t she walk? every pic of her is her being lugged around by Tommy the thetan or Katie the ex cultie , what gives?

    • Trustmeonthis

      You guys do realize she’s not a part of $cientology, yes?