Madonna Got In Trouble For Showing Cleavage And Underbutt On Instagram

!!Madonna Instagram 2

I guess Instagram isn’t a fan of sweaty boob pics no matter who you are!  Madonna was issued a warning yesterday about showing “mature content” on her Instagram account, and I’m kind of confused: do they mean they don’t approve of photos that may be of a sexual nature or do they mean they don’t approve of photos of older women?  (I just “boom. roasted.” Madonna you guys!)

Ironically, the only reason the entire world knows that Madonna received a warning is because she took a screenshot of it and posted it to her Instagram account:

!!Madonna Instagram


Because I’m a serious investigative journalist, I of course immediately went to Madonna’s Instagram page to have a look-see into this “mature content.”  While some of her pics are a little weird, I know without a doubt I have seen far worse/sexual/exploitative snapshots of celebrities on Instagram.  Rihanna posts pics of marijuana and underboob daily, and Kim Kardashian can’t go 12 hours without reminding us of what she looks like in cheap lingerie.  Madonna’s photos really aren’t that bad; just a few snapshots of her lips, a few randos of Frida Kahlo, and that one sweaty old boob shot.  I did not clutch my pearls at any of her pictures, I must admit.

I’m assuming it’s a copyright issue.  If it’s not, then I can only hope Instagram is cracking down on ALL celebrities and their TMI pics.  I have seen more than enough pictures of Kendra Baskett in boob paint to last me a lifetime.

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    • Cori

      I don’t know why I clicked that link, Madonna has always given me the heebies. I think it’s because my first sighting of her was in that creepy “Frozen” video. Now I have to try to scrub my mind clean of sweaty her.

    • Alex Rider

      Freedom of expression is paramount. Instagram censors should know that.

    • Banana Del Rey

      This is not true and poorly reshearched. The reason she got in trouble is because she posted a nude picture of Lee Miller by Man Ray, basically beautiful art, that Instagram apparently doesn’t appreciate.

    • Fima5813

      Actually it turns out its absolutely nothing to do with nudity. Seems Instagram were referring to the Frida Kahlo photo which they believed breeches copyright! Since Madonna owns the photo it, of course, does not. I don’t know why anyone would think the letter waste referencing nudity! Have you seen what Rihanna etc post!!!

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