New Catching Fire Poster Proves Katniss Has Horrid Taste In Wedding Dresses

Catching Fire Victory Tour Poster Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark

Well, this shouldn’t shock me, but the new Catching Fire movie poster makes it clear Katniss Everdeen has no taste. Maybe even less than no taste. Negative taste? Is that a thing? If so, that’s what Katniss has in these wedding photos.

It’s like she walked into David’s Bridal and said, “find me your most ill-fitting gown, then hem it so it hits my legs at an awkward angle.” I mean, what is that thing she’s wearing!? On one hand I’m like she’s being forced into this wedding thing because she accidentally started a revolution, I shouldn’t judge her too harshly.

Then on the other hand I’m like Peeta Mellark’s in the same boat and he managed to arrive to the wedding looking crisp and clean and J.Crew model-y. It’s just not fair to him that she put so little effort into their big day. Let me guess, she also had “cramps” on the day they both designated to register themselves at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’m sure she sent Peeta off alone to select the towels and sheets and glassware they would need in their new home. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me angry.

Victory Fair Catching Fire Poster

And the wedding location. What is that? Stark City? I know destination weddings are all the rage these days, but c’mon. You can’t just pick any old destination. You have to pick somewhere that people want to go. I doubt anyone arrived here and thought to themselves, “gee, I’m sure glad I took time off work, paid for a plane ticket and came here.”

While I completely understand that Katniss Everdeen’s going through a lot in her life during Catching Fire, I also think she should prioritize a little differently. She can do the Quarter Quell thing next quarter. She can only get married for the first time once. It would be nice if she would give the most important day in her life a little more respect.

I doubt any real Hunger Games fans will disagree with me here.

(Photos: Screencrush)

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    • CJaY

      This is not her wedding dress, it’s just a promotional poster for the victory tour. They always get bouquets of flowers at all of their stops in the districts. I highly doubt they will show her wedding dress before the movie, so don’t get too angry just yet. I love the poster.

      • Jenni

        It’s too late. I’m already enraged.

    • fangirl

      wow, did whoever write this even read the book? Ummm that’s not her wedding dress. This is the victory tour….meaning that they tour all the districts as victors of the Hunger Games. Don’t you guys ever even do a little bit of research when writing your articles?

      • Jenni

        Oh no, no one here can read. Did someone tell you we could?

      • bertha

        this answer is ridiculous, fangirl was right

      • Jenni

        If only I could read your answer, I could respond appropriately.

      • abbeysbooks

        You are wonderful jenni. Start a consulting business to charge a lot of money teaching all the other gatekeepers how to do it with finesse and aplomb.

      • abbeysbooks


    • Ariana

      Just because it is white does not make it a wedding dress.

      • Jenni

        But it’s not after Memorial Day…so riddle me that?

    • Katie

      You would think someone from the capital would have been on hand to pick out her wedding dress! Especially since she is going on tour in it and all.

      Wait….didn’t her stylist get killed? Nvm, probs has to dress her self now ala Lohan or Kardiashian. Getting your former stylist killed for treason, what a way to be fashion blacklisted, no front row seats for her.

    • Nat

      Pssst, guys, the writer isn’t serious. Thought you ought to know. (Someone please get the reference.)

    • Mandy

      lol. Nicely done, Jenni.

    • Superabound

      As a grown-ass adult who still exclusively reads children’s books, heres why this article is wrong:

    • Superabound

      I Love How they had that dude stand on a 4ft high stilts so that he would look taller than Jennifer Lawrence

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    • Melissa Dobeas

      Pretty sure that’s NOT a wedding gown. They dressed Katniss up in ultra girly clothing during the ”Victory Tour” of the 74th Hunger Games, as the poster states. The wedding gown shenanigans happened after this. I guess someone already pointed this out, oops.

    • D

      That’s not her wedding dress! Her wedding dress pic was revealed today!

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