Kristen Stewart Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Seducing Her Co-Workers

Kristen Stewart

What’s that old Hollywood saying about romance? It’s something like, “it wouldn’t be a Kristen Stewart movie, if she wasn’t spending all her time on set seducing men, ruining marriages and generally destroying people’s attempts to pursue happiness.” I know it’s along those lines. I hear people say it all the time. And by people, I mean the fine reporters at Hollywood Life who insist on turning every celebrity interaction into a soap opera. It’s cute how they do that.

Today’s scoop? Kristen Stewart and her The Big Show co-star Jim Sturgess have major chemistry. Like Robert Pattinson better watch out because Jim’s like Rob 2.0. Minus the brooding and the greasy hair and the gaggle of tweenagers who follow him around everywhere. Rumors direct from the streets of Hollywood say that when they look into each other’s eyes, their pupils turn into hearts. Just like in the cartoons!

A source close to Jim tells exclusively, “Jim was in town last week for pre-production meetings on his new movie with Kristen and they got along really well! Jim is super shy and unassuming, he’s actually a lot like Rob – really polite and he has the cutest British accent. It’s quite posh, just like Rob’s. Jim and Kristen have major chemistry, they really seem to click. They were talking up a storm about England and how bad the weather is there. They talked about their dogs and music. Jim is a really talented musician, so they connected on that a lot too.”

Can you believe that they talked about dogs AND music AND the weather in a pre-production meeting. It’s kinda like why buy the cow if you’re getting all the milk for free. No need to get so intimate so quickly. Take your time K.Stew and get to know the guy before you talk about the weather.

Because we all know what follows weather talk. Sex. So much sex. Just straight-up sex.  I can’t even tell you how many of my friends kickstarted one-night stands by sneaking up behind a guy at the bar, grabbing his crotch and whispering, “it’s supposed to be 80% humidity tomorrow which poses a problem for me because I was going to straighten my hair, but now I’m not sure if it’s worth my time. What do you think? Do I look okay with curly hair? Ugh why am I even asking you? You’re a guy.”

All I have to say after reading this exclusive info from a quality source is wow. This is the kind of juicy stuff that we live for at Crushable. Keep. It. Coming.


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    • nena

      Jennl, Jenni You did make laugh! This is the kind of crap I was talking about!

      • Jenni

        It’s neverending! Just some days I have to say SOMETHING.

      • abbeysbooks

        Still gets hits doesn’t it! LOL!

    • D. Martin

      LMAO! HL is getting desperate and ridiculous.

    • Ellenj49

      This is crap. Hateful.

    • Lol

      The condom ad at the top of the page goes well with the article.

      • Jenni

        Thank you!

    • MS. KISS MY @SS

      Omg wtf there suppose to get along when doing movies. Dumb ass post here. You guys are just looking for any little thing to make up lies about

      • Maggie

        Wow, you can’t spell OR take a joke! Sad.

    • sleepysone1995

      since robsten are hiding..they got to come up with something because there is noone else left to talk about

    • Gosia

      Article is fine, just laughs out this stupidity but I’m bored with topic.

    • DVD Release

      DVD-Day is approaching!!! Are we still on the PR stunt watch?

    • Snow White


      BTW what do you think about the James Franco portrait of K-stew as snow white flashing her ass in a red hot thong? My initial reaction is that it wasn’t very flattering. Of course, I’m sure there is a deeper societal political message somewhere here that only James Franco head knows about. Plus makes you wonder with all the negative press about her, is Kstew secretly liking this attention as one of your colleagues pointed out in a recent article about Emma/Kstew.

      • Jenni

        I will never be so bold as to guess what’s going on inside James Franco head.

      • abbeysbooks

        Read Masha Tupitsyn on twitter. Then you won’t have to guess.

      • abbeysbooks

        Read Masha Tupitsyn on Franco. She hates him and she is the up and rising premiere film critic. On twitter and the writer of Laconia, 1500 tweets about films.

        Franco might have been playing on Kristen’s dress at Breaking Dawn II LA premiere: This was a brilliant move on Kristen’s part. WHAT A GIRL!

    • Catherine iAuntie

      Rob & Kris ARE still together and have NEVER been on a ‘trial separation’ – visit my blog and I’ll PROVE it to you. :) Every time you click into these “Robsten” articles – makes these gossip rags a few pennies and just happens to hurt you at the same time because of YOUR “real feeling” Twilight obsession. That is the ONLY reason we are continuing to see this stuff. If you’re struggling with a STUBBORN Twilight obsession that is driving you crazy STILL – Search for “Misfit Chick’s Twilight Blogpost” out in Internetland.

    • Peony

      “Rumors direct from the streets of Hollywood say that when they look into each other’s eyes, their pupils turn into hearts.”
      I truly fell off my chair laughing!

    • sophie

      jim has been with his gf mickey o’brien for 9 years, i dont think he’ll end up with this kstew girl. at least i hope not. ugh.

      • Mara Velarde

        I don’t think they’re together anymore. There was buzz last October that they ended their relationship. Then, last week, LaineyGossip shared the news that he’s dating Bae Doo Na. Pictures of them walking arm in arm here:

      • abbeysbooks

        Lainey is a gossip and she makes money with being a gossip. Sometimes she hits the target but if you fire enough beebee pellets at something you will hit the bull’s eye at some point. Open your eyes. The secret is that there is no secret. It is all in front of your own eyes. Just look. “Those who have eyes to see, see. Those who have ears to hear, hear.” Good advice from long long ago.

      • goodange

        You don’t have to believe it, but as they also say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, and in their case, more than one picture.

        There are photos other than those ones I linked to that indicate they are seeing each other. She was photographed with Jim at the after party for Upside Down.

      • goodange

        People can still argue they’re friends, but he’s acting as though he’s no longer with Mickey.

        I’m not arguing that Lainey is not a gossip. Her site, after all, is called Lainey Gossip, but regardless of she makes her money, she at least backed up her claim with photographs.

      • abbeysbooks

        Subjective perception remember. A picture can be read in as many ways as there are people to read them. If you understand subjective perception as you say, then why do you keep making the same mistake that the picture is absolute evidence of anything at all. Especially if it is digital. You cannot even authenticate a painting by sending a digital picture of it. They won’t accept it. It is worthless for authentication.

      • goodange

        Did you even read my original response to Sophie?

      • goodange

        Did you even read my original comment because I think you and I have different topics in mind.

      • goodange

        By the way, I’m Mara, not Sophie, so my original comment pertains to Jim Sturgess and Bae Doo Na.

        Since you nested your response under my original post, then, I assumed you were talking about Doo Na and Jim.

      • abbeysbooks

        I’ll just refer you to The Rashomon Effect from the movie by Kurosawa of the same name: Or you can wiki Rashomon Effect.

      • goodange

        Seen the movie and am aware of the idea of subjective perception, but I’ll pass on the Twilight link. Not really a fan.

        Thanks anyway. I will say that another good advice for us to heed would be to agree to disagree.

      • abbeysbooks

        Actually I don’t write adoring fan stuff but post modern stuff.

        We can agree to disagree about the sun revolving around the earth because it sure looks like it does, eh. It rises in one part of the sky and sets in another so when you look at it it’s a done deal. HOWEVER all the evidence opposes that opinion, for it is an opinion, not a fact. The fact is that the earth orbits the sun and there was a day that scientists were threatened with burning at the stake for saying that.

        The pictures were obviously photoshopped FROM SCRATCH. There was not even a “staged” production of them. An expert photoshopper can see this where the average person cannot. ALL the ones by the fence were completely fabricated FROM SCRATCH.

        Now why in the world if it really happened would all the photos be fake? Jes’ askin’ hon.

      • goodange

        You are saying that the picture of Bae Doo Na and Jim Sturgess were photoshopped from scratch???

        I think we are talking about different people because I do not know what fence you are speaking of …

        Before we even have to disagree, I think we should probably talking about the same topic.

      • goodange

        Oops … we should probably BE talking about the same topic.

      • abbeysbooks

        Sorry this was under the Kristen Stewart post so please forgive me.

      • goodange

        There seems to be a problem publishing my comments, so, if there’s a double-post, I apologize again.

        First of all, are you saying that Jim Sturgess and Bae Doo Na’s photographs were photoshopped?

        Second, what fence are you talking about?

        I think you and I are talking about different people.

        Before we can even disagree, I think we should be on the same topic.

      • MCR

        Can I butt in, although you weren’t talking to me?

        Do you mean THE pictures, the ones at the infamous fence and in the infamous teensy little car?

        If those pictures were photoshopped from scratch and it is obvious to any expert photoshopper, why haven’t any expert photoshoppers made this information public? Wouldn’t they at least be found chattering about it among themselves in whatever online discussion boards expert photoshoppers like to frequent? And if it didn’t really happen and all the photos are fake, why would both parties confess to it? And if they didn’t really confess to it, why would they sit quiet and let everybody believe they had?

      • abbeysbooks

        Actually I have blogged about this into the ground so I will put the links at the end. They are really really good variations on it.

        Photoshoppers may well be laughing about them online somewhere, but they aren’t twilight fans at all and maybe just laughed among themselves. I know one and tried for weeks to get his attention on this to no avail at all as he was not interested in this particular “scandal”.I argued a lot with him and finally he gave up and spent 4 hours with me on it until my arguments were pounded into dust. When you are shown a huge fat girl being turned into an anime princess (8 hours of photoshopping to do it) in fat motion before your eyes, you believe a master photoshopper can do anything! LOL!

        If the apologies were real I have posted about that in terms of Professor Zushanna’s recent academic book for women called DESHAMED. If the apologies were fake then still it was a better move to keep silent as in the movie The Contender. Anything anyone would have said would simply have added to the blaze. If you follow the money – and I have – then a different story emerges. So here are the links if you want to follow my footprints on this as I changed from day to day trying to figure it out. I have reached the point where I can honestly say I have no idea what happened and that is the perception I wanted to inject in the minds of everyone, which I did with the help of some dedicated friends and fans. Rashomon Effect A little aside for Kristen admirers. All the amazing videos in one place. This one is on LIberty Ross and Rupert Sanders, two scary smart people just to give you some background on them. Reading the PDA photos by the fence through Foucault on Manet and some actual photos of the site. “Cheating” pics with photoshopping instructional videos and explanation This one I like if one believes she apologized reading through Zusa and Deshamed. Bella in DUSTY does this. Kristen telling her fans what she wants them to know. Now Rob is making his statement car pics? I sure do like this one bringing in Liberty and Summit, Dan Abrams and Nick Frenkel for payoff time. The kicker! A big payoff for Summit on promotion savings and increased box office and a huge payoff for LIberty from Rupert’s Bungee percentages for HALO 1,2,3,4,5 the 10 year centennial contract goes into effect. Great strategy Liberty! Awesome. See that Rupert is really the VICTIM.

      • MCR

        Golly. All right, thanks.

      • goodange

        Seen the movie and am aware of the idea of subjective perception, but I’ll pass on the Twilight link. Not really a fan.

        Thanks anyway.

        However, there’s also another advice that would serve us well: agree to disagree.

      • goodange

        Oops. I apologize for the double-post.

    • jospehine

      So Jim Sturgess is dating Kristen Stewart???? I’m shocked. She is trashy trainwreck and damn ugly, and most importantly a hideous crappy actress!!! Twilight teens are the only one defending her terrible acting. But if Jim is happy with K-stew I guess there’s no reason to hate on them. Apparently they got along really well from their first meeting with major chemistry. K-slut goes for every man she works with that looks decent. Jim is no exeption. New couple alert!!!

      • abbeysbooks

        I’m 79 and I think she is a great actress.

      • Gosia

        This post is for fun I suppose, isn’t it?

    • Macia Weronika Meyer

      Ok Listen everybody! Something is definitely going on between Jim Sturgess and Kristen Stewart. It’s been official since over a month back that Kristen has signed on for The big shoe. Jim has for a fact been in LA for pre-production meetings for the movie. Yesterday when Josh on MTV mentioned his “awesome” co-stars Elisbeth Banks and Kristen Stewart, Jim
      immiediately ignored Elisabeth, tensed up and said “Kristen Stewart I think so yeah, yeah I hope so yeah hopefully!”, as if Kristen hasn’t signed on yet and was only in talks of starring, like as if nothing was confirmed. WHY would he do that???? When IN FACT Kristen has signed to be in The big shoe since two months back?! Why would he say “hopefully yes”? and also say “NOOO I have never met her no, so I’m excting, I know who she is *laugh*”. When he for a fact has met her. He has for a fact been in LA for pre-production meetings, there are pictures, and shooting is beginning any time.

      What’s even more strange is that Jim goes on and CONFIRMS multiple times that Kristen is in the film. He says: “I have never met mer but I’m EXCITED TO MEET HER” “I have seen her in some great movies”. He continues to say “They bring in KRISTEN STEWART’S CHARACTER as a muse and I fall in love with HER feet”. “Her feet look pretty amazing”. “She is working those muscles”, They have in fact met I can tell you for sure. Obviously Jim wants to hide something, their talked about chemistry and the rumours about he and Kristen dating. Something is up between them, and Jim wanted to cover it. I can tell you. He doesn’t want the press to find out. NEW COUPLE ALERT!!

    • bluebird

      All of you are JEALOUS!…..KRISTEN STEWART is breathtakingly gorgeous, hot and sexy!

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    • MCR

      “Because we all know what follows weather talk. Sex.”
      That’s the way it’s always worked for me, but I suppose things are different in Hollywood.

      • abbeysbooks

        I was trying to get to you the other day at Gossip Cop Out when you were replying to that crazy stalker fan. To tell you not to suggest what she might do to warn people, as that gives the crazy ones ideas to go out and do it. That’s all. I know you were trying to confront her but that doesn’t defuse things, it just throws kindling on the fire.

      • MCR

        I see what you mean. Yes, it was probably not the best way to respond. Thanks for trying.

      • abbeysbooks

        Thanks for the nice reply.