Madonna’s Boyfriend Got A Job To Prove He Is Not Just Some Gold Digger


Madonna‘s strapping male life partner Brahim Zaibat is sick and tired of all your shit talk about how he is only with Madonna for the money and fame. So he has gone and gotten himself a jobby-job…as a model, ‘natch.

According to The Huffington Post, the 25-year-old marvel of God’s handiwork has signed with the IMG modeling agency and “gone straight to work at New York’s Fashion Week.” He did not pass go. He did not collect $200. He will not rest until he has modeled the shit out of every last one of Jeremy Scott‘s controversial accessories!

This will be Mr. Zaibat’s first new job since that fateful day he got hired as one of Madonna’s dancers (not counting when he got hired as Madonna’s boyfriend), and should lay to rest any lingering doubts about his commitment to Madonna, human person. This is a union built upon true, mutual, equally matched love and respect. Man cannot live on piles of cash alone.

All jokes aside, it’s not hard to see why a young dude would want to get with Madonna. She’s the hottest 54-year-old woman in the world; she’s crazy, which means she’s good in bed; and she is worldly as fuck. This will surely shut the doubters up for good. Unless, of course, this was his plan all along.

(Via HuffPost)

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    • Fima5813

      It’s not his first job aside of dancing on Tour! He’s a choreographer for the French “Robin des Bois” (Robin Hood) and just finished auditions in January. He’s also just completed a photoshoot for Stella McCartney’s new Adidas collection and also a shoot for V mag. So it wasn’t ‘straight in’ to Fashion week after signing for IMG! A little short on facts?