Countdown To The Mother: Crazy Girls Are Crazy Because They’re Crazy

HIMYM mainAfter last week’s ah-mazing episode of How I Met Your Mother, I had high hopes for this week’s follow up. And well, I’m not really sure how I felt about it. The good news? We can rest assured that Ted’s psycho new girlfriend, Jeanette (Abby Elliott), is not the mother. The not so good news? We’re probably going to have to suffer through her crazy for another week.

Something that really bothers me about this show is when they drag on a relationship that they’ve already told you is going to end. They do this quite often (Ted and Robin, Ted and Victoria, etc.) so I should be used to it by now. I guess the only bright side is that this time I really can’t see myself getting attached to Ted’s new flame. Because clearly, she is a mentally deranged looney tune who should possibly be committed.

Jeanette spent the majority of this episode barricading herself in Ted’s room destroying his stuff as payback for him breaking up with her. Except of course, we later learn that he never actually broke up with her. After they have a huge blow up at that hockey game, he makes out with her instead of actually dumping her. And when he finally gets into his bedroom to ask her to leave his apartment, they have sex. To be fair though, she was wearing his red cowboy boots and they make everyone who puts them on absolutely irresistible. Everyone knows that.

Jokes aside, all of this has led me (okay Lily may or may not have thought of it first) to believe that maybe Ted needs to be in this relationship right now. Seriously, I think he needs to get all this crazy out of his system before he can meet the woman he’ll one day marry. Maybe next week I’ll be able to focus more on how funny Abby Elliott is instead of how much I want Ted to dump her character already.

And what was with the whole Robin and Lily thing that was happening in this episode? It felt a lot like nonsensical time filler to me. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the person she left Marvin alone with was actually Mike Tyson, it wouldn’t have been funny at all.

Obviously, the reason for that whole story was for Robin to get to a point where she is okay with holding Marvin. And that’s something I can get behind because it was adorable and that means maybe one day she and Barney will have a child. I know I’m the girl who always says she isn’t convinced the two of them should be together, but even I can admit that watching the two of them trying to raise a baby would be hilarious.

It would be legendary. You see what I did there?


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    • Lauren

      While I like the idea of Robin getting better with kids so she can become Cool Aunt Robin to Marvin, Lily and Marshal’s additional children and Ted’s eventual kids, I don’t want her to have a kid herself. First, she can’t have children herself and there was an entire episode dedicated to the fact that she doesn’t have kids and it would just annoy the hell out of me if they were like “just kidding, we adopted!”. Second, I like that Robin doesn’t want kids. It’s nice to have a character who is successful and happy in life without having a kid. It’s a good thing to portray that happiness is what you make it not what others expect of you. For example, I don’t want kids. I’m 28 and have never had a desire to have them and I don’t really think that is going to change. But everyone who knows that I don’t want kids says “oh well you might change your mind.” True. It might. But NO ONE says to someone who wants kids “Oh you might change your mind”. It’s kind of insulting. So while, Lily and Marshal already have a kid, and Ted will have kids, I would like Barney and Robin to stay childless and happy for all the “I don’t want to have kids” people.