Live, Laugh Links: Who Wouldn’t Want To Wear A Bacon Dress?

• You’re almost all the way through Monday, so why not enlighten yourself to the thought process that goes into a dick pic? You know you’re curious… (College Candy)

• Spend my Valentine’s Day drunk? Don’t mind if I do! (Betty Confidential)

• While I dream about sitting next to a shmexy stranger on airplanes, I always spend flights sitting next to greasy men with sleep apnea. (Your Tango)

• So all you need to do to win the title of Bacon Queen is wear a bacon dress… (The Frisky)

• Go to school in your pajamas! There’s an online course about sexting. (Gurl)

• Share the rent with the beau to save some dollars only if you feel like you can handle his emotional and physical baggage… (The College Crush)

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