Live, Laugh Links: Bradley Cooper Might Be Into Feet

• This collection of gifs will make you feel better about the fact that you’ll probably be snowed in for the weekend. (Gurl)

• If you’ve ever wanted Bradley Cooper to suck your toes, you may be in luck! (Your Tango)

• This list of unnecessary v-day gifts will totally remind you of your teen years spent giggling at the wares of Spencers Gifts in the local mall. (The Frisky)

• Sorry, but you can’t bang a teddy bear and be seen as not having a manual full of issues. (The College Crush)

• Young Ashton Kutcher does a mean Zoolander impression in these early modeling photos. Oh no, that’s just his face. (College Candy)

Florence Welch makes jewelry now… And we’d probably wear it. (Betty Confidential)

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