Taylor Swift Has 15 Best Friends, But Who’s Counting?

Taylor Swift cleavage

It’s always a blessed day when I get the chance to write about Taylor Swift twice. Earlier this morning I mourned over the fact that the sex tape floating around did not actually feature her and Harry Styles, but rather a morass of spam and surveys.  And now on the same day when I thought all was lost, I get the opportunity to write about her 15 best friends. 15! I didn’t even know best friends came in numbers so high.

While talking to Ryan Seacrest during their couples pedicure sesh today, Taylor shared some fun facts about her new album.

And while Taylor probably won’t be receiving a V-Day card from her ex, Harry Styles, she has “like 15 best friends” that make her happy. In fact, her next single, “22,” is written about her massive posse of BFFs. “Finally I’ve got this amazing group of girlfriends and we tell each other everything,” she said. “We’re together all the time. I think that was kind of the marker of me being 22—having all these friends and there are a lot of question marks in your life…but the one thing that you have is you have each other.”

First of all. WOW. I’m still stuck on the number 15. Like if they get bagels from their slumber party brunch, Taylor would have to say “one dozen bagels please, plus three.” Can you believe that? Here’s how my bagel orders go: “excuse me, may I have one bagel all the way. And another one to go. Well, for that one-to-go, can I freeze it? Does it stay go in the freezer? You know what? Two bagels for here, I’m hungry!”

Second of all, how are they possibly together all the time? Logistically speaking I just find that very hard to believe. 15 people can really coordinate their schedules that well together?!  Are my friends lying about all these birthday dinners and work commitments and family emergencies that always get in the way of our big group dinners? And by big, bear in mind, we’re not even close to hitting that magical 15 number.

Third of all, will this be the first song on her new album?

Fourth of all, does she run all her thoughts through a 7th-grade translator so she sounds just right for her target demo?

Fifth of all, 15!

(Photo: DLM Press, PacificCoastNews.com)

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    • sleepysone1995

      I do not need to have 15 best friends..I have a few to avoid all the BS that comes with having many friends

    • Casey

      Well, fifteen friends plus herself, so she needs 16 of those bagels.

      • Jenni

        I’m sure she goes halfies with one of the girls!

    • Esther

      Wow. You are so fucking pathetic. Funny how you keep writing articles about anything you hear or read about her. Anything to put her down, right? You don’t even fucking know her. Also, have you ever heard someone saying ”I have waited here for eighteen thousand hours”? I assume you have. And then do you actually assume that they have waited for eighteen thousand hours? I hope not, otherwise you have a serious problem. So if Harry says she has ”like 15 best friends”, that doesn’t mean she actually has 15 best friends, you idiot. And even if she did, then that’s good for her. And it actually makes sense that she would have that many friends, because she’s a kind, sweet, beautiful girl unlike what you’re trying to make her look like. Get a life. You’re pathetic.

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    • Angel

      Lol, the last comment you made there? Taylor has a better vocabulary than you ever will have. And about her target public or whatever? I’ve been a Swiftie since I was thirteen, and I’ll be turning eighteen soon. I’m still her ‘target’ and so are other Swifties who are her age. You clearly don’t see/read the interviews or hear the songs that matter. And also, why do you have to be so mean? Go do something productive with your life, rather than talking shit about someone’s idol. You don’t like her, fine. But don’t go putting it all over the internet, offending people like me, who’s life Taylor has saved more than once without knowing that, just by listening to her songs I held on and didn’t hurt myself, so she may be just another stupid singer to you, she’s the world to me.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Which comment are you referring to?