For The First Time Ever, I Have Faith Willow Smith Will Be Okay (No Thanks To Her Dad)

Willow Smith short hair

I’ve got to be honest with everyone. There were a few years there where I thought Willow Smith might not make it. Not literally not make it, but not make it out of her childhood in one piece. In the past few years she went went from being the kid of a celebrity to a child star with a hit single to a controversial fashion icon. Keep in mind that this all happened before she even hit puberty.

Remember “Whip My Hair“? Or all those quotes from Jada Pinkett-Smith where she’s like, “we don’t parent our children, we friend them! And friends wouldn’t force friends to go to school, so we don’t do that! That’d be totally lame, right Willow? God, I love when she ignores me like that, so fresh!”

But now we’re happily hearing reports from her father Will Smith that she dropped out of the Annie remake so she can go back to just being a kid.

“Willow was supposed to be doing Annie; we got Jay-Z to do the movie, got the studio to come in and Willow had such a difficult time on tour with Whip My Hair and she said, ‘You know Daddy, I don’t think so…’ and I said, ‘Baby, hold up!’ I said, ‘No, no, no, listen, you’ll be in New York with all of your friends and Beyonce (Jay-Z’s wife) will be there. You will be singing and dancing,’ and she looked at me and said, ‘Daddy, I have a better idea. How about I just be 12?’

While I think Will Smith told this story because he thought it would be a cute anecdote, he kinda comes off as a horrible father who’s somewhat pissed that his daughter didn’t appreciate all his hard work.

Also what a name dropper! We know you’re famous Will Smith, no need to rub it in our faces that you’re famous enough to force Jay-Z to make a movie with you. It’s kinda in poor taste. Besides you look pretty desperate shoving Beyonce’s name in that sentence about Willow being with her friends. We both know Beyonce and Willow aren’t friends. They’re like 20 billion years apart.

But Will’s horrid parenting aside, I’m happy Willow’s taking time off from working and giving herself a chance at a normal childhood. If all goes according to plan, her short-lived “Whip my Hair” fame will just be a funny story she’ll tell her friends in the future. And Will and Jada’s silly attempt to live vicariously through their children will be a family joke to be told around Thanksgiving tables for years to come.

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    • KMan

      So awkward when your twelve year old is smarter than you

    • trexsharptooth

      This article comes across as so judgmental and over the top. Just because someone is in the public eye doesn’t mean that gives you the right to judge their parenting or fret over their daughter’s fashion choices. I think that allowing you children to become independent thinkers can be a great thing. Even if it isn’t it’s not a call for anyone but her parents.

      • Jenni

        My boss sat me down today and said “Jenni, I need you to be more judgement, more over the top, can you do that?” And I was like, ‘I dunno boss, we’re like a really serious news organization, I wouldn’t feel right…” And she’s all like, “Do it or you’re done here Maier” and then I was all like, “Fine, I’ll figure it out.”

    • Rachelle Houde Simard

      Dripping with judgment, much? Or jealousy that is… So yeah, Will Smith actually thinks it’s cool that his friends Jay-Z and Beyoncé want to work on a project with his talented and pretty respected daughter? And forget that these successful parents who are supposedly “living vicariously through their kids” raised a strong daughter who’s able to change her mind when given an amazing opportunity and choose to just chill like a 12 year old should, and that these supposed stage parents support their daughter’s decisions?

      (That being said, their schooling choices also stem from Scientology, so let’s not put too much weight on the school/no school/let-the-kids-make-their-own-adult-decisions; it’s IMHO a crackpot way of raising kids, but hey, that’s me. I’m still impressed with Willow and think she’s a good role model for young girls in this time where women flashing their cracks, both T&A, and venting their sexuality at 15 are sadly revered.)

      • Jenni

        I lost all respect for these parents when they let their daughter quit school at 10.

      • kannee

        you also lost your common sense. She is home schooled.

    • Zettai

      I actually heard that the kid just got too old for the role (and probably too tall)… it was originally offered to her when she was 9. A couple days after that report Will Smith comes out with this “just be 12″ thing. If this is true then why won’t they keep her out of the spotlight, off of the red carpet, out of the studio, off of twitter making cryptic comments (or disgusting rants as in the boy’s case), and her name out of interviews? Just saying.

      • Jenni


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