Mila Kunis Is Just Like Us, Has Worn The Same $5 Cargo Pants For 15 Years

Mila Kunis InStyle Interview Pants

As if it wasn’t enough that she sullied her Sexiest Woman Alive reputation by wearing sweatpants and messy hair outside the house, Mila Kunis is now telling InStyle magazine that she’s been wearing the same pair of pants for 15 years. Not, like, without ever taking them off or anything, but a lot.

Mila appears on the cover of the magazine’s March issue with her Oz: The Great and Powerful co-witches Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz. Mila says:

“I’ve been wearing the same pair of dark green Old Navy cargo pants, like, non-stop, for 15 years. I think I paid $4.99, on clearance. My friends hate them so much they hide them from me. When those pants fall apart, I swear I’m going to get someone to copy them for me.”

First of all, I’m glad to learn that Old Navy has always had prices that practically make you feel like you’ve just committed fraud when you walk away from the cash register. Second, oh my God, you guys, Mila Kunis is just like us. It is hard to find a good pair of pants in this world, and when you find one that works, you stick to it — until it sticks to you because you’ve worn it so long. I have quite a few pairs stowed away that I would put on in a heartbeat if I was the same size as I was at 12. Fleece cat pattern pajama pants, I knew thee well.

I am just so excited to learn that the Sexiest Woman Alive isn’t above still wearing the same pants she wore as a 14-year-old. Also that the Sexiest Woman Alive wears Old Navy.

All I keep wondering now is what other brands Mila Kunis still wears. Forever 21? Wet Seal? Limited Too? If you ask me, Old Navy should use this as an opportunity to get a new spokeswoman. They could put out a commercial that’s just Mila Kunis sitting there in her cargo pants saying, “I’m Mila Kunis, Sexiest Woman Alive, and I’m wearing Old Navy cargo pants.” Done. That’s the only commercial they ever have to run ever again.

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    • workingMOM

      hahaha – as always a funny post! Thanks Crushable :)

      • Jenni

        Thanks for reading!

    • sabrina

      i recently found the denim-lace bell bottoms i wore to 1st day of 7th grade. they JUST fit, with a lot of shimmying. i’m so proud that i’m (kind of the same size) and that i was so rockin compared to my other 2002 peers.