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Someone Needs To Explain The Difference Between A Holocaust And An Abortion To The Duggars

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Another day, another reason to hate the Duggars. This time around they’re comparing the Holocaust to abortion. Because that’s a go-to comparison for people who are trying to rile other people up enough that they donate to their cause.

In an interview that makes me foam at the mouth, Jim Bob Duggar enlightens us on how he reached this horribly offensive conclusion:

“A couple of weeks after we went to the Holocaust Museum it dawned on us that there is a holocaust taking place right here in America! More than 56 million lives have been destroyed in our country!” the couple said. “That is over 4000 babies being killed and 4000 women being wounded each day!

“We talked and prayed about what our family could do to make a difference in saving the lives of the unborn.

“We ended up contacting the national pro-life groups and asked them to all work together and pool their incredible resources to motivate and activate many people to get involved in ending abortion in America.

There’s nothing I hate more than people who have the audacity to compare the Holocaust to anything that’s not the Holocaust. It’s not a synonym for “something I don’t like” and it’s not a word to toss around for political reasons. It’s an event in recent history that resulted in the systematic murder of six million people. SIX MILLION LIVING AND BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS.  People who had jobs and lives and families and histories before being enslaved, tortured and murdered.

To compare their lives to the lives of developing fetuses disgusts me. You want to be anti-choice, fine be anti-choice. But don’t make inane comparisons that attempt to say that what happens during abortion is anywhere near what happened during The Holocaust. It isn’t. At all.

And the fact that the Duggars are doing that underscores why I hate them so much. While they’re happy to go around pretending to be one big happy family who happens to be a tad more conservative than most, they’re not. They’re an incredibly religious family with extreme values who use their fame to advance their  agenda. They can pretend that their reality show’s all about life with 19 kids, but it’s not. It’s just a vehicle for them to get more exposure on TV — and therefore get more support for their anti-women platform. It’s disgusting.

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  • Kait

    YES. The Duggars are kind of awful. They pretend that they’re not pushing their beliefs on others, yet use every single chance they get to say stupid, insensitive,inaccurate shit like this.

  • Gypsum

    Don’t forget about the millions of Polish, Romanian, Soviet, handicapped, gay, dissenters of the religious and political agenda who were also killed in the Holocaust. They are too often ignored.

    Clearly the Duggars live a very different lifestyle than most of us. I’ve never watched, but the fact that they have 19 kids kind of gives that away (Hey Dugs- Buy condoms). The comparison is stupid but I am naively shocked at the abortion statistic.

    I assure you, I am pro-choice. But I am also someone who has a very close friend struggling to conceive. It has somewhat changed my perspective as I watch how it is negatively affecting her happiness and marriage. It saddens me that so many women are not educated on or do not have the support to choose life for their babies. These women could forever change the lives of the women who do not have “the choice” due to unfortunate health issues. Instead of aggressive name calling and standing behind a broad cry for women’s rights we should be asking for better resources and education in regards to family planning. Let women know that there are other choices and then offer them support along the way.

    Let’s lift the social stigma attached to young motherhood or having a baby without a man. Women are strong and they should not feel shamed into something that they may regret later in life. If abortion is still the choice, then so be it. Every woman should be entitled to that. I just fear that often it is a rash decision fueled by fear.

    • Jenni

      While I won’t dive into the ridiculous anti-choice logic that adoption is such a simple alternative to abortion, I will say that the same people who are anti-choice are generally the same people who are anti-single-moms. They can’t have it both ways.

    • driveswift

      Those people also don’t seem to realize how abysmal the chance of a child being adopted in this country is. Most end up being shuffled around in the system, especially ones that are given up because they have medical conditions too expensive for the parents to be able to provide a good life for them. Pro-lifers act like there are benevolent souls all over who can afford to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on children with genetic abnormalities, they just don’t ever seem to BE those people.

    • Softballgrl23

      As the mother of an Autistic son. I definitely understand the stresses of raising a child with a disablity. I do see how this can be an argument for pro-choice advocates, However I made my choice to be pro-life back in 1997 when I was in debate class and actually had to study about abortion. Before I did that, I had friends who had had abortions. My view, it was simply ending their pregnancy. After I researched, my views have completely changed. I am 100% against late term abortions. I’m shocked that they are legal anywhere. Have you ever read how those are performed? Have you ever viewed pictures. I can’t even begin to imagine who decided this would be an accaptable time/procedure to do. Though I do see a need for some women during earlier pregnancy, such as those whose lifes may be in jepardy by carrying to term or the poor women who have suffered rape at the hands of a monster, I no longer see it as okay just to make life easier. As hard as it is, I can’t imagine life without my boy just the way he is, and the last time I looked up facts I read that in 2008 only 12% of abortions performed were due to medical reasons and less than 1% were due to rape.

    • Susannah

      I’m a pro-choice woman who is struggling with infertility. There are a lot of people who say you can’t be both (and by NO MEANS am I saying that’s what you meant, at all) but I really think you can. People are shocked when they find out I’m pro-choice while at the same time undergoing infertility treatments.

      But I think a lot of times the “just adopt” mentality is misrepresented. Adoption isn’t easier. Adoption is terrifying. You can raise a child as your own for up to a year in some places and the mother (or father) who gave the child up in the first place can just change their mind and take your child away from you.

      A young mother can say they are going to give you their baby, you can pay all their medical expenses and she can have the baby and change her mind. There is no legal recourse. And here you are again, another infertile woman with a broken heart.

      I agree with you, women ARE strong. We are amazing. And we shouldn’t be afraid of having a child on our own. It is the stigma of single motherhood that is a huge problem, yes. But in NO way is adoption a solution to abortion. Adoption is an incredibly difficult and complicated road for everyone involved.

    • Jenni

      Thank you for writing this.

  • Niamh

    If they were really so concerned about preventing abortions, they could try promoting safe sex and the use of contraceptives, you know those handy little things that stop you getting pregnant. But most anti-abortionists also seem to be anti-birth control. Which makes zero sense to me.

    • Jane

      They are also anti-birth control because they believe life begins at conception. Anything to prevent conception or pregnancy is unnatural and “wrong”. They believe abortion is actually exacerbated by easy access to birth control. Birth control failures lead to abortion because women using birth control to prevent pregnancy don’t want to be pregnant and are probably more likely to consider or go through with an abortion. People with this mindset don’t use birth control and engage in sex only when they are accepting of a pregnancy. At least that’s the only non-hypocritical way to do it.

      It’s actually OK to hold that opinon and practice that as your lifestyle if you want to. It’s even OK to talk about it with other people. The problem is when you expect everyone to feel exactly like you do, and you want abortion and birth control to be eliniminated for everyone because you feel all sex should be contained within heterosexual Christian marriage when children are either desired or at the very least an acceptable risk.

  • anonymous

    The definition of a holocaust is a destruction or slaughter on a mass scale. They didn’t say it was like THE Holocaust. They were using a word to define mass scale slaughter. If a mother chooses to abort a baby at 8 weeks, it is her choice, and we aren’t allowed to question it. But if someone does something to hurt the same 8 week fetus resulting in death, it’s a murder sentence. Doesn’t that seem hypocritical? These children the Duggars are trying to protect are already living and breathing human beings. So they require “gestational aid,” but babies less than 2 years old are completely dependent on mom or dad to provide them food, water, shelter. Do they deserve to be killed if mom decides she can’t afford them?

    • Jenni

      They specifically referenced THE Holocaust in their statement which makes me think they found THE Holocaust and abortion to be comparable. Also I fail to see why gestational aid is in quotations. It’s not a made-up concept thrown around by evil pro-choicers. It’s a real thing. Fetuses that are 8 weeks old definitely need gestational aid.

    • anonymous

      So, if they said abortion holocaust, would that make you feel better? Probably not, since you don’t feel the same way they do about the deaths of the children. They were using the word, by definition, to draw a parallel. You are so mad because they are using their influence on television to push a cause they believe is worth the fight. Don’t other reality shows/news/documentaries do the exact same thing? Also, children need physical and emotional aid for all of their childhood, not just when they are developing in the womb. I never said I wasn’t pro-choice, or that being pro-choice was evil. You took the liberty to assume that because I am arguing against you. I bet if the Duggars were pushing an opposite abortion agenda, and referred to women not having the right to choose as destruction of our society on a mass scale or the millions of babies starving and dying because the world is too overpopulated and the parents should have used birth control or got an abortion if they knew they couldn’t afford them, this blog post would be praising them and not filled with how much you hate them. Great thing about America is everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • Jenni

      Are you pro-choice?

    • anonymous

      I am not pro-choice. I think abortion is necessary in certain situations, but I wouldn’t advocate it for most women.

      It saddens me that we can’t have a discussion about your article without
      checking to see if I’m on your side. That definitely makes my comments
      more valid. Now, in your eyes, I’m just an ignorant Duggar-loving pro-lifer.

    • Jenni

      No I’m just proving my point that the language you initially used is what led me to believe you’re not pro-choice. Then you said I was assuming too much…but I wasn’t?

    • Jerry

      Jenni, is it fair to assume that you are pro-choice and left-leaning based on the language you used?

    • Jenni

      Yes Jerry, that’s very fair to assume. I wouldn’t want anyone jumping to any other conclusions about me.

    • Lauren Wild

      I think the problem that most people have with their wording is that it is incredibly insensitive to refer to anything besides THE Holocaust, as A holocaust. Your explanation of the definition is technically accurate, but for anyone who has been alive for the past 100 years would tell you, as I’m sure you know, the word Holocaust is synonymous with the calculated and state-sponsored killing of roughly 6 million Jews, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals, handicapped, young children and more that were deemed as a threat to the Third Reich. To say that they were simply using the word to draw a parallel is giving them too much credit. I don’t think Jim Bob is an evil person, but I do think he said something that would come as a slap in the face to those who have been affected by THE Holocaust.

    • http://www.facebook.com/RetiredSceneQueen Emmali Lucia

      That’s actually not true. In most states in the United States if you harm a woman and cause her to miscarry it’s considered “Reckless endangerment of a fetus/unborn child” It’s not a felony, it’s barely a misdemeanor.

    • Softballgrl23

      Check your facts, years ago after the whole “Scott Peterson” deal many states have adopted the same judgement he recieved in California when he murdered his pregnant wife…two separate counts of murder

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.paxton1 Laura Paxton
    • Jenni

      Cute article! But I think you mistakenly used a photo of a baby and not a fetus.

    • Erdos

      Cute response! But I think you mistakenly used a one-liner in place of a rebuttal.

    • CMJ

      Cool story, bro.

  • Em

    So you’re thinking that they come of as anti-choice? Actually, they’re totally pro-choice. To choose to give a child life is an honorable choice, and one that gets put down by far too often. Agreeing with abortion does not make anyone more progressive. If you don’t like the Duggars then don’t watch, but there’s no need to write derrogatory articles just because you don’t agree. Very un pro-choice of you.

    • Amy

      This post makes no sense.

    • quinn

      I don’t think you understand what pro-choice means.

  • Shea

    Not to be “that person”, but 6 million is the number of Jews alone who were murdered. Approximately 5 million (by most estimates) Gypsies/Roma, gay people, disabled people, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other “lives unworthy of life” were also victims of the Holocaust. So the numbers are more like 11 million, possibly more.

    Which doesn’t have any bearing on what insensitive, self-righteous idiots the Duggars are. But people too often forget the Gentile victims of the Nazis when giving Holocaust statistics. Jews were the primary victims, but there were others.

    • Maryanne

      ur right shea, there were more people killed not just jews, but the jews were the nazis target. i can never understand how a person (especially the female nazis) could see a child or baby as a threat. my first instinct would e to protect them.

  • Michelle

    The Duggars are right. Even before they are born, “developing fetuses” are human beings. They are as alive as anyone in the Holocaust was. There are 56 million human beings who have been murdered before they could even get outside the womb. 56 million people. Murdered. You an pretend all you want, but when a baby is aborted, it is murder. They are fully alive from the first moment of conception. Everything that makes them who they are is already there. They just have to grow. 56 million precious people dead. It is a disgrace and a travesty.

    • Amy

      If you think that a cell five minutes after conception is as alive as anyone in the Holocaust was, then you have no concept of “precious people”.

    • driveswift

      So the 3/4 of zygotes that never implant are a holocaust too!! We need to ban tampons and test menses for zygotes, then prosecute women who have alcohol, nicotine, birth control, or any medicine that might prevent implantation for murder!! Then we can make sure women have all the babies you want them to from prison.

    • Softballgrl23

      this comment makes zero sense. Are you serious? Someone else on this site said something about the millions of sprem that “could have been babies” must be a holocaust too when a man releases them himself. Seriously. If people are going to debate, at least attempt to use a little common sense and education. Part of the process of life is implantation. If implantation doesn’t take place or doesn’t do it correctly the body will naturally reject the non-thriving fertalized egg. This is not a choice it is something that happens completely out of anyones control. Michelle said, ” Everything that makes them who they are is already there. They just have to grow.” Well they can’t grow if they don’t implant. Sperm is not a baby unless it fertilizes an egg. life needs the egg, sperm, fertalization, implantation and growth….obviously abortions don’t take place until after this process is complete, when life is present. Is cheese a pizza? Is dough a pizza? Is sauce a pizza? NO…it is not a pizza until it is all put together as intended. Just like life…once its all there, its life.

  • mom

    Have any of you watched an abortion video. A little human being is trying to get away and he or she want even defend them selves. They cry out and are not heard! It is a modern day holocaust against the smallest of our race Sad…we kill our own…

    • anonymommy

      Have you ever been to a homeless women and children’s shelter or a “group home” for unadopted children? They cry out and are not heard, either. So, let’s add more! (Oh…wait…once they’re born, it’s not really your problem anymore, right? It’s just the “unborn babies” you care so much about…typical.)

    • MOM

      I have taken two of those “Kids” you are talking about and raised them. How about you anonymommy? I heard their cry. So wait I put my money where my mouth is so don’t judge people. THese are an lifetime commitment.

    • Sadako

      http://www.180movie.com does a better job of explaining the correlation between the Holocaust and abortion. It is graphic and heartbreaking.

    • MOM

      Sadako, I have seen a few videos and I myself nearly became one of those stats back in the 60′s and actually my older sibling ended up being “Aborted”. Anonymommy and many like her think those of us who are pro life equate or stance with “Uncaring” for those people who are here. That “Myth” needs to be hit head on as “lie”. My life has been a testament to that and I would love to see Anonymommy and others like her do the same. Abortion kills plain and simple and those who have an abortion are NEVER the same.

    • Lisa

      My mother regrets having me more than any of the 5 abortions she had. Not because she doesn’t love me, mind you. She loves me so much she can’t forgive herself for bringing me into such an awful situation. She has bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia and as such my entire childhood was hell. I was beaten, neglected, screamed at, improperly supervised, allowed to go hungry etc.

      Ever since I found out about the abortion she had, I’ve envied my “siblings.” As far as I’m concerned, they’re the lucky ones. And adoption would not have solved anything. I’m lucky enough not to have inherited the schizophrenia but I do have Seasonally Affected Disorder. Luckily, because I’ve always known about my mom’s mental health issues, I’ve been able to manage it but I had been adopted I would most likely just have sunk into depression without ever knowing the cause.

      I tell this story because I want people like you to understand that “choosing life” for your child can be unspeakably cruel. I accept the life that I have now and I’m learning to make peace with my past but I can say without any hesitation that abortion would have been the FAR better choice for me and my mother. For me, non-existence would have been preferable to nearly two decades of misery.

      Don’t assume your life experience should give you the right to take away choices from other people.

    • elysian

      good grief…what a disturbing philosophy.Life is what you make it and if your mother loves you, I cant see how she would regret having you.What you are saying in your post is we all should stop having children just in case life starts to get tough for them later on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.romanoff.7 Jessica Romanoff

      How stupid are you. Life is what you make it. So that being said she should just have bucked up and said ‘haha it’s okay if my mom beats me and forgets to feed me’

    • elysian


    • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.romanoff.7 Jessica Romanoff

      Wow are you dumb. A fetus can’t cry. It doesn’t know what is going on. New born babies don’t even understand that they are a separate being from their mothers until they are about six months old. The movie Look Who’s Talking was just pretend. Babies don’t actually think like adults and just happen to understand everything. I have seen your so called video and it is the worst piece of animation I have ever seen. Would you rather that someone who can barely take care of themselves attempt to produce a happy healthy baby

  • It doesn’t matter anyway

    So…the Duggars are using their show to get “their” word out but you are using this article to do what exactly? Everyone has their right to what they believe and if they are attempting to get more “support” for their cause then what is it that you are doing? Are you NOT trying to get support for your cause by even writing this? The Duggars simply said they don’t believe in abortion while you are slamming them as people who have a belief…and yet, they are the ones that would be considered wrong and simple minded…

    • Jenni

      They didn’t simply say they didn’t believe in abortion, they said that abortion is equivalent to the Holocaust. That brings the conversation to an entirely new level.

  • http://twitter.com/diariobizzario bueno jones

    If i were the fetus i would want live But noone asks the fetus, because it is inconvenient to the “woman” carrying it. If you were the fetus and they asked you, wouldn’t you want to live also? Or would you say “no , i’m good. Kill me so you can get ready for that date with the crabs or herpes you have this weekend. Never mind that i am alive in here, hoping you will protect me”.

    • Lisa

      I wish my mother had aborted me. She had severe mental health issues that continue to this day. She also had 5 abortions. Frankly, I envy my unborn “siblings.” Having endured almost two decades of horrific parental neglect and abuse (which I’m still struggling to overcome now) I consider them to be the lucky ones. They will never go to school in filthy clothes with no food. They will never be beaten, or screamed at, or left vulnerable to sexual exploitation. They will never be twelve years old, crying their heart out on a bedroom floor, wishing they had never been born. Because they never were.
      I’ve made peace with my past and I’m happy enough with my life now. But if I you could really go back and give me the option of never existing, of never having to endure the unimaginable hell I went through, I would take it in a heartbeat. I can tell you from personal experience, non-existence is FAR preferable to years of suffering.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.romanoff.7 Jessica Romanoff

      Do you have any clear memories of being a fetus in your mother’s womb. No one does because fetus don’t have their brains fully developed to that of an adult so a fetus cannot make complex thoughts

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelique.edmondson.9 Angelique Edmondson

    Pushing? They stated their belief, they have every right to do so, that’s what everyone does, they are just more public. But of course they are Conservative Christians, they wouldn’t have 19 kids if they weren’t. Being Jewish I am not really offend by the Holocaust comment, but being Jewish I respect life a lot more then a lot of people. Once their is a heartbeat, I consider it life, and abortion is taking a life, but it is not any ones right to judge another person, PERIOD

  • anon.

    Pro life movement is about one agenda: love the fetus hate the child.

    • Softballgrl23

      I hear valuable arguments on both sides, and obviously this is an extremely hot and touchy subject but I have to say anon. I’ve never seen anything that would put the Pro life movement having an agenda of “love the fetus hate the child”. I know arguments get heated (especially when you feel so strong about one side of an issue) but what you stated was pretty much the opposite of their aggenda. Let us all be accurate at least in what we are saying. Pro Liferes are basically saying that the fetus is that of a child and that is why they believe it is wrong because the “child” has a right to be loved.

  • Sarah

    First off, I love how you call Pro-Life people ”Anti-Choice.” Ha ha. Pro-Life people don’t call you a ”Anti-Life” person.They say pro-choice, even though they don’t agree with you. Okay?
    Secondly: Why are you so worried about it? If you are so ”Pro-Choice” like I can tell you are, than why don’t you leave the Duggars alone to make their own decisions? Let them have their beliefs and you can have yours. I mean, their not posting articles online about you or anyone else for that matter. That is something you have to say about the Duggars: They are not disrepectful towards other beliefs.
    So let them live their lives; why don’t you go get one?

    • mercury7jg

      “First off, I love how you call Pro-Life people ”Anti-Choice.” Ha ha. Pro-Life people don’t call you a ”Anti-Life” person.They say pro-choice, even though they don’t agree with you. Okay?”

      No, they don’t say pro-choice, their preferred terms are “baby killers” and “murderers.” So yeah, excuse everyone who sees the pro-life movement for what it actually is…anti-choice.

      (This is old, but I can’t with this)

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  • ruth brown

    the duggars are sick

    • elysian

      your comment reminds me of a bible verse…Isaiah 5-20,Wow unto them that call evil good,and good evil;that put darkness for light and light for darkness,that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    • ruth brown


  • Maryanne

    no one should ever compare the real holocaust to anything. he can’t help himself he only has a high school education, doesn’t read books, newspapers or watch movies that could enlighten the whole family. birth control is the answer. Duggar can support his kids on the salary he gets from TLC. but in the real world it doesn’t work like that.

  • Ariabella

    I love the duggars, they may follow the bible differently to other people but thats their belief, and who gave you the right to criticize their beliefs?? Their belief system got them through alot, and if you took two seconds to consider them then you wouldnt be posting hateful articles such as this.

    • Jenni

      Believing in something doesn’t make it not offensive.

    • MCR

      Yes, thank you. Quickly running through a mental list of strongly held beliefs of the 20th century should make that point clear.

    • Softballgrl23

      I almost wish I could post a picture of an aborted baby on here. Only because you just said that believing in something doesn’t make it not offensive. While you believe abortion is okay I bet everyone on here pro-life/pro choice would be offended by the picture. I am pro life, and no I would not refer to you or anyone who is pro life as a murderer, or baby killer. That is between the doctor and the woman lying on the table. As for your choice, yes you have one too and need to be reminded that it may offend others just as their view may offend you. Offensiveness goes both ways here. Everyone needs to stop attacting eachother and debate the issue.

    • Me-Me

      Who gives them the right to criticize us for not thinking the way they do? Double edged sword here. Who gives them the right to impose their beliefs on us? Since when did they have the right to have ANY comment on what grown ass adults aware of the consequences do that makes sense to them? Its none ya business!

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  • ktbebe

    Its not anti-choice, its pro-life.