Nicholas Hoult Remains Polite Despite Being Asked Stupid Questions About Jennifer Lawrence

Nicholas Hoult Interview

I like Nicholas Hoult. Mostly because Jennifer Lawrence dated him for so long that I have to think that there’s something very likable about him. Also Warm Bodies looks pretty good for a rom-com about zombies. So even though he and J.Law called it quits a few weeks, I’m still happy to publicly support him as he makes a name for himself in Hollywood. You know, a name that doesn’t involve being called “Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend.”

However not everyone seems ready to let him have his own career. In a recent red carpet interview for Warm Bodies, a reporter veers away from questions about the movie and asks about Jennifer Lawrence instead. You know, because a guy who just broke up with his famous girlfriend really wants to talk about her on camera while promoting his own project. I’m sure his press team was all like, “you can ask questions about Warm Bodies, but we really do prefer you stick to Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook and what her most common complaint was when it came to having sexual relations with Nicholas.”

The video’s right here, but if you hate clicking, here’s the gist of it.

Reporter: So you must be so excited for Jennifer and all the awards she’s been getting.

Nicholas: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reporter: Excited for her to win the Oscar?

Nicholas: Yeah, I’m very proud.

Nicholas Hoult answered the questions politely and respectfully and refrained from spitting in the reporter’s face. So he earns approximately one million brownie points from me.

Good job Nicholas Hoult, you have Crushable’s blessing. It’s very valuable out there in the real world, so don’t squander it.


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    • mse

      Since I’m already facepalming at reading this little take out, I refrained myself from clicking at the interview itself. Ugh. Why. The guy normally doesn’t even talk about his pet animals, he just hates personal questions with a burning fire.

      I know it’s all hot news, but can’t they just leave them be? I’m pretty sure that it’s indeed an off-limits topic anyway.

      • Jenni

        It’s so not needed. What else is he going to say? “I hope she loses, and she needs to give me back my shirt!”

    • Jen

      The entire thing is so tacky, Nick may have taken this ‘reporters’ questions with a grain of salt, but I kind of want to smack her face for being so rude. He’s clearly uncomfortable and trying to get away from her, although I did have a chuckle at his bewildered bed sheets answer. Good on Mr. Hoult for being such a classy lad, you don’t see many of them these days.