Let’s Celebrate Adam Lambert’s 31st Birthday With Some of His Craziest Fashion Favorites

Adam Lambert With Silver Hair

The reason I love Adam Lambert (the most) is because a lot of his outfits can be found in my closet, as well. Yes, sometimes I do think I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, and Adam Lambert reminds me that I should be living in NYC and strutting my glam stuff.

But, that aside, I’m not totally crazy – and sometimes Adam is. The real winner runner-up of American Idol has made a glam rock name for himself, creating a fan base of Glamberts, and wearing nail polish and makeup better than anyone since David Bowie.

Adam Lambert lands himself on the best and worst dressed glam rock list (a short one, but in existence) every time he steps out the club door. For his 31st birthday celebration, we’ve compiled some of our favorites. Basically, you’re awesome Adam. I love you. Call me. Let’s party.

Here are Adam Lambert's Leopard Boots.

These exist...and they exist in a men's shoe size. I'll just let you ponder that for a minute. Also, they're clearly one of Adam's favs, as he's seen wearing them quite a bit. (Credit: Brian To/WENN.com)

Adam Lambert has SIlver Hair - Is Only 31 Years Old.

Yah, apparently this is a trend. Silver hair. And after centuries of folks trying to cover it up and commercials making grey-haired people out to be social lepers, Adam kinda rocks it; with a bow tie. (Credit: B.Dowling/WENN.com)

Adam Lambert Channels Zack Morris.

Bayside is the school that's cool and Adam knows that it's true. But - eh, this one's a miss, even for him. It's awful, really, and lacks animal print. (Credit:Dominic Chan/ WENN.com)

Adam Lambert's Leopard Skinny Tie.

You know, to match his leopard boots, duh. I mean, really, what self-respecting glam rocker can't put together a matching ensemble? Vote: who has more leopard - Adam or Teresa Giudice? (Credit: Mark Hodgins, Toronto, Canada)

Adam Lambert On The Fringe.

The "A" on his hat clearly stands for "Are we actually letting this happen?" Yah we are. Purple fringe with a top hat. Like Abe Licoln at Studio 54. (Credit:Dominic Chan/ WENN.com)

Halloween...Or Just Another Tuesday?

I know, right?! You can't tell either. It's a coin toss, a 50/50 chance. I'd think carefully before casting your vote. Adam's place on the Best Dressed List could depend on it. (Credit: @Adamlambert)

Adam Lambert Wears Meggings - Zebra Print Meggings.

Meggings = men leggings (consider yourself educated and warned). No longer do you have to deny wearing your girlfriend's jeans or be a self-proclaimed hipster...you can stand around in zebra meggings, with pride. The hoodie is what makes you look shady... (Credit: @Adamlambert)

Adam Takes Fashion Cues From Brett Michaels.

Minus the bandana. Or perhaps cowboy was more what he was going for. Every cowboy needs a hat with a shiny silver rope attached to the front. (Credit: @realadamlambert)

This Is Adam Lambert's Leather Shrug.

The man loves his leather and animal prints. And this shrug makes me really jealous that I don't have one. Also it has fringe...as seen before in his disco-themed previous picture. Basically, he can fly right into my heart. (Credit: @realadamlambert)

Mad Max Meets Mad Men.

I imagine the conception of this outfit began at a brainstorming session: let's put Adam in something normal, but then add something ridiculous. Boom. Now he looks like a dapper Bowser. Well done... (Credit: @realadamlambert)

Here It Is...Adam Lambert Dressed as a Normal.

But normal is so boring, especially for Mr. Lambert, God of the Glamberts. This is as normal as it gets for Adam. It would probably only draw some weird stares. (Credit: @realadamlambert)

Adam Lambert - The Green-Eyed Monster.

It's like looking in the mirror...bad roots showing and green eyes. That aside, these are pretty cool (and mild) contacts for ol' Adam. Not sure what he's going for except self-portrait, so I'll just go ahead and continue to stare back into his gorgeous, yet fake, eyes. (Credit: @realadamlambert)

Adam GQ's.

That's how I see this. Magazine cover shoot for the fashionably glamorous; sans nail polish, guyliner, and blowout. He looks uncomfortable, though, like wearing his Dad's suit to a job interview or Leonardo DiCaprio playing a normal person in a film. We should assure him that he looks pretty great in this shot. Pretty. Great. (Credit: Facebook)

Adam Lambert Has a Doll = He's Made It.

Whether he's Barbie or Ken, the man has a doll in his likeness. You can own a pint-sized, nail-polished, fringe-wearing, Mario Bros villain lookalike of your very own. Do with it what you may...but just pay homage to his bold fashion choices. (Credit: Facebook)

(Lead Photo: Enrique RC, PacificCoastNews.com)

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