Chris Brown Forgets About His Redemption, Attacks Frank Ocean In A Fight

Chris Brown 2013Well isn’t this a charming story to wake up to on Monday morning. Chris Brown allegedly got into a fight with Frank Ocean this past weekend that resulted in him attacking Frank Ocean in a Westlake Studio. Why? Because he’s Chris Brown and he’s learned to respond to hostile situations in his life with his fists. Because throughout this entire career, other people look the other way and make excuses for his behavior. And because these same people continue to put his talent in front of his problems.

Everyone who already hates Chris Brown will use this story to justify why they hate him. Like me, they’ll wax poetic about how this story shows a clear underlying problem — Chris Brown cannot control his anger in an appropriate way. However Team Breezy will look at it through another lens. They’ll claim Frank Ocean started it and that his people provoked Chris Brown. You know, just like Rihanna provoked him in the car four years ago. And that since neither party wants to press charges, it’s none of our business. Let God judge him.

But you know what, it is our business. It is our business when we continue to reward a young man for violent behavior by making senseless excuses. It is our business when millions of young people worship a man who worships violence. It is our business when we contribute to the music industry with our money — and that music industry turns around and nominates Chris Brown for Grammys.

Maybe Frank Ocean did provoke Chris Brown, maybe he didn’t give him a warm welcome and a kind word. But maybe that’s because a man who beats a woman’s face into a bloody pulp and then has the audacity to forgive us for hating him doesn’t deserve a warm welcome. Maybe someone’s actually standing up to him for once and actually holding him accountable for his behavior. Maybe this proves that Chris Brown needs more help than his fans want to admit. That it’s possible he didn’t resolve his anger management issues by doing what the court mandated four years ago.

If he’s still unable to walk away from a hostile situation without resorting to violence four years after he beat up his girlfriend in a car, then maybe it’s time people admit he has a serious problem. Because tell you what, this isn’t normal behavior. And it’s not the kind of behavior that would be acceptable in any other career.


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    • Alexis Rhiannon


    • myra

      So agree

    • queta

      this dumbest ish i ever read how can u have a personal problem with someone who doesn’t even know u exist. get a life and worry about what your doing wrong in your life nobody cares about your opinion u weren’t even there so u dont kno what happned. i dont even like dude music but whoever wrote this is lame and hater your life must suck.

      • Jenni

        You’re not going to like this Queta, but now I’m worried about you….and the fact that you own a keyboard that doesn’t allow capital letters.

      • queta

        that is exactly what your problem is lol u need to worry about your own life. i dont think God made you perfect so maybe you should stop throwing rocks. i bet your parents are so proud to know what you do. you are a typical hater get a real job because you are so far from being a real journalist jus another loser with a blog. lol lame ass.

      • Jenni

        Queta, you’re only making me more concerned! I’m now worried you don’t know what “lol” stands for…it’s short for Laughing Out Loud. However the way you used it makes me think you’re not laughing, and therefore missing the meaning.

      • queta

        im laughing because ppl like u kill me. im so glad you’re perfect and never make mistakes. maybe if u had a real talent people would blog about you. so much to say behind a computer screen i am so impressed. u are just a typical troll. maybe if you went and played in rush hour traffic the world would be so much better. now have a nice day and get some money so maybe you wont be so concerned with every life except your own because none of these ppl u talk about give an ish about what you think. your opinions are worthless like your fake journalism skills.

      • Jenni

        Queta, the more you respond, the more I grow fearful for you. For example, I’m worried sick that you think playing in rush hour traffic is a good idea! It’s actually incredibly dangerous! Be safe!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh no, what time is rush hour?? I have been playing in traffic a lot! Queta, please advise!

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    • Womanist

      Sigggh. Actually according to the POLICE, a member of Ocean’s team DID start the fight hence the reason why Frank Ocean did NOT (well actually he couldn’t) file charges.

      Exhale and let it go already. When the paddy wagon picks up Bill Murray, Charlie Sheen (multiple beatings and was rewarded with a roast on Comedy Central,) Stone Cold Steve Austin (former WWE wrestler two-time woman beater , Woody Allen (sleeping with adopted daughter who currently has a movie out,) then by all means they can pick up Brown (overrated one time woman beater, chair thrower, parties too much.) The double standards are beyond tired,old, and are becoming brain dead.

      Now please go (or continue to) volunteer your time with some average everyday victims of domestic violence not the overrated celebrity (or celebrities) that YOU want to be the spokesperson/people for it.

    • Idiots

      If you really did your research into this you would know the Frank attacked Chris, not the other way around. Dumb asses.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        What research is that? Were you there?

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