Celebrity Lookalikes: The New Queen Of The Netherlands And Britney Spears


So, this is weird. The confusingly plural country of The Netherlands has a new queen named Princess Máxima, y’all, and she looks an awful lot like Britney Spears. Certainly more like Britney Spears than any European royalty before her.

Did you even know the Netherlands had a king and queen? Up until now, I just thought the country was ruled by a giant, sentient clump of Purple Haze. This new queen comes to us courtesy of the old queen, Queen Beatrix, who is abdicating her throne in favor of her son, who is married to one Maxima Zorreguieta, a former investment banker from…blah blah blah, who cares. HOW DOES SHE LOOK SO MUCH LIKE BRIT BRIT?!

I guess you could blame the tanned, flaxen haired beauty myth that they are both trying to  resemble, ingrained as it is in the consciousness of so many. They have the same bad dye/extensions job, the same heavy eye makeup, and the same vague look that something isn’t right. Most importantly, though, they have the same shell shocked smile, the smile of a woman afraid of being thrown back in the looney bin at any moment if she does not perform according to her masters’ wishes. Does Maxima secretly have a conservator, too? Or is her prison less like a father constantly miming the word “lobotomy,” and more like a husband who will execute you by weed overdose if you step out of line? In any case, I weep for both of them.

(Via Gawker)

Photos (L-R): WENN, Getty

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I totally see it!

    • BrownOwl

      That is ridiculous, they look nothing alike. And what ever did Princess Maxima (or Britney) do to warrant such nasty comments?

    • Jackie

      She does NOT look like Britney unless every blonde with a big smile is a Britney look-a-like.

    • ger

      who’s the idiot writing this article?.. you had no clue Netherlands is a monarchy? Get your head out of the garbage can. Princess Maxima is argentinian btw, so she would naturally NOT look like an European. duh

    • Joey

      Jamie Peck is a total moron

    • Pass the dutchie

      And you wonder why people in Europe think most Americans are ignorant and stupid…

    • Hans

      This is just a very stupid article….i am living in the Netherlands and want to say; before you write something like this make sure you have enough good quality information.