If Anne Hathaway Isn’t Careful, She’ll End Up The Taylor Swift Of The Acting World

Anne Hathaway Golden Globes 2013

I just had the best epiphany in the history of epiphanies! So go to your orthodontist and brace yourself for my genius. Anne Hathaway is the Taylor Swift of the acting world. Or she’s at least on her way. We’ll have to see what happens at the 2013 Academy Awards before we make the final call.

I can hear what you’re thinking. “Ugh, why are you talking about Taylor Swift right now? She wasn’t even at the SAG Awards last night!”

But bear with me. I have a thesis so good that you could possibly sell it to college seniors who are majoring in Pop Culture Studies and Livetweeting 4 Lyfe and English.

So you know how Taylor Swift always bakes humble pie before award shows and brings it up to the stage with her whenever she wins an award. Even though she’s constantly winning awards and it should no longer be a surprise to her. It should be accepted that her name will get called and she’ll have to give a little speech.

Well that’s kinda of like Anne Hathaway during this awards season. She continues to win awards for her performance as Fantine in Les Miserables  and she continues to bring her shock ‘n awe face up to the stage with her. During last night’s SAG Awards she won a best supporting actress award and proceeded to go through the whole routine again. The same routine we saw when she won the same award at the Critics Choice Awards and The Golden Globes.

Maybe I’m getting jaded from watching too many award shows, maybe I’m underestimating how excited actors get when they win big awards. Or maybe, just maybe I’m picking up on a pattern here. After all, this is the same Anne Hathaway who’s made a sport out of insulting herself in the media in recent months. I’m all for a grounded celebrity, but she played Fantine in Les Mis. She should know she did an awesome job.

I know she’s honored and all that jazz, but she could act a little less surprised when she wins awards. Because that seems to be the trend this year. She’s the original Mia Thermopolis — she should own her success! Dream a dream! Most importantly, prepare her Oscars acceptance speech!

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    • michael

      whi cares

      • Jenni

        Who is Whi? Does he have an email address? I can contact him directly!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Just look him up in the Whi Pages, Jenni.

    • Jane

      People have already made up their minds about her. I don’t think she’s sitting down thinking, “Wow, I need to please people.” This is her moment and she can say and do what she pleases!

      • http://www.facebook.com/shiran.ohayon Shira Ohayon

        but you know what, I have made my mind about her a long time ago – I used to love her and loved seeing her movies. I can no longer stand her, all due to the last 3 months.

      • nero2

        Yet another ” I used to love her” post. Geez.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shiran.ohayon Shira Ohayon

        Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to change my mind about someone, and post about it. Geez.

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    • Singtress

      I know what you mean, but I think we need to give her a break on this one. I mean, these kinds of awards are what you spend your entire childhood, and (if you are lucky) career dreaming of. And she went from Catwoman to Oscar in one year. It has to be surreal.

    • http://twitter.com/Lauraniconico LAURA

      Oh give me a break , she was much better in SAG.

    • Jessie

      “Go to the orthodontist and brace yourself” ahahahahahahahahah. Lawdy, I love myself a good play on words. I DIE!!

    • TOMMY

      “….but she could act a little less surprised when she wins awards.”

      So that people can start call her an arrogant bitch? Wow. Good idea.

    • quilligan

      The way Hollywood is we should let Anne enjoy her season because next season they might be saying Anne who? Tis the nature of the animal. Taylor, on the other hand, gaggggg.

    • Aly

      I love Anne Hathaway and I know she’s 32 now but to me, she’s still Mia Thermopolis. I think she and Mia aren’t really different. She’s awkward and doesn’t take herself too seriously. And she’ll never be the Taylor Swift of acting awards. It’s normal for her to be shocked. She’s competing with other amazing actresses she admires herself.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=754155713 Zachary Townsend

      Oh come on, everyone does this. Meryl Streep does it, for pete’s sake!

    • Darla Jean Wilkes

      Lawrence could use a LOT more humility, her arrogance is grating.

    • Elizabeth

      You guys have a problem with everything, now don’t you?
      If she didn’t she’d be called arrogant, but if she does, she’s fake? Get a life. These are real people, you know.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        So are we!

      • Carolina Cornejo

        am not a 100% sold on that one a troll with and awkward face maybe

    • Martin K

      I don’t think you watch too many award shows or you’d know that Taylor stopped doing that a long time ago. And even if she did – These are awards you spend your entire childhood dreaming about. Who wouldn’t be excited? No one ‘bakes humble pie’.
      It’s probably Taylor’s and Anne’s nice-ness that you guys can’t stand for god knows what reason. I don’t get why it is so difficult for you to accept the fact that they may actually be humble/surprised.
      Gosh, leave them alone, they’re people too.

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    • Jasmine

      yeah because anne hathaway needs to watch her back…your attention and favour is so important.