Jennifer Lawrence Has Pneumonia, Probably Caught It From Meryl Streep

Jennifer Lawrence I Beat Meryl

Everyone’s favorite young actress of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence, is suffering from a bout of pneumonia and may not be able to attend the SAG awards tonight.  Apparently, she skipped out on the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Awards last night, because when you’re that sick and you have to skip either the SAGs or the foreign award show no one has ever heard of, you skip the foreign show.  Amiright?

I smell something fishy.  And not just because my fat ass cat is bathing himself at my feet right now post-breakfast salmon filet.  Meryl Streep couldn’t attend the Golden Globes because she had the “flu.”  J. Law beat Meryl in the Best Actress category at the Globes and rubbed it Meryl’s face.  Two weeks later, Jennifer may not be able to attend the SAG awards because of “pneumonia.”  Interesting.  It sounds like some sort of Hollywood hoax if you ask me!  Or karma for Jennifer’s insufferable arrogance.

If J. Law doesn’t make it tonight, I probably won’t watch because that means Anne Hathaway will just get that much more screen time.  I’ll pass on the SAGs then, if that’s the case.

Downton Abbey is on tonight anyway.  Holler!

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    • D

      Cant stand Jennifer Lawerence. Hope Jessica Chastin gives her some humble pie,

      • Darla Jean Wilkes

        Another Jennifer Idiocy: “Even PNEUMONIA can’t stop ME”. Her ego is the size of the Grand Canyon. Barely an actress, some studio boss is buying awards for her; it is to be hoped she rips her shoes next time & cannot walk up and primp, pout, and BORE.

      • Lucy Saw

        I think she’s an amazing young actress with a lot of promise who will be around for a long time. I was blown away by her in Winter’s Bone.

      • Lucy Saw

        Who’s Jessica Chastin?

    • Alice

      “I beat Meryl” is a quote from First Wives Club people, come on

    • Kris

      Jennifer needs to come back down to earth! I used to like her but no…not anymore……She needs to show some respect to REAL actrsses!

    • Lily

      YOU GUYS NEED TO CALM DOWN, she was quoting a line from the First Wives Club… -.-

    • Lily

      And nobody would ever dare to diss Meryl….

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    • Shira Ohayon

      OMG are you seriously still thinking it was arrogance??

      • Darla Jean Wilkes

        Read its latest, it is arrogance, undeserved, yes.

    • Leanne

      Idiot writer. Quite frankly even if it wasn’t a joke from a movie it would have been funny! People must lighten up, yes, Meryl is a decent actress, but that doesn’t mean she must never be spoken ill of even in a comical way. *giant eye roll*

      • Maureen Frusha-Boutwell

        Meryl Streep can be spoken ill of but you don’t do it, even comically, right after you walk away with an award that she was up for. Streep has too much class and that’s why JL won’t be around all that long. You cannot be that much of a jerk for long and stay popular.

    • Maureen Frusha-Boutwell

      Let’s be clear here. She was not quoting a line from anything. Meryl Streep was up for the same award, JL won and the first words out of her mouth were about her beating Streep. Anyone who truly believes that she meant it as a quote is delusional.

      • Darla Jean Wilkes

        The EVEN PNEUMONIA can’t stop me remark is further evidence of the ego that ended acting as a criteria for Globes, SAG awards, and Oscar nominations.

      • Lucy Saw

        Not only was it a quote it was a direct quote from the film. The problem with public statements like that is if the reference is too remote then its not understood and misconstrued. It was embarrassing for her that’s for sure.

    • Lucy Saw

      The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
      George Bernard Shaw

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