What’s Up With All The Hate For Big Bang Theory On The SAG Awards?

ng peoples choice 2 090113Ummm…am I crazy or did Jesse Tyler Ferguson just refer to the show Big Bang Theory as ‘Big Bang ratings…I mean Theory’? He and the rest of the Modern Family cast won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble for the third year in a row, and Jesse Tyler was elected by his costars to speak for them. And I’m preeeeetty sure that’s what he said. On the mic. In front of everyone. Super sassy.

And this came right after Tina Fey won for 30 Rock and asked people to watch the finale on Thursday and ‘just tape Big Bang Theory for once’. Apparently Big Bang Theory is like the ‘it’ show to hate this year. It’s like loving Adele or hating Anne Hathaway. It’s become universal. It’s the trend to watch this year. For the rest of the award season, when Giuliana Rancic asks people, “Who are you wearing?” no one’s ever gonna say Dior or Chanel or Zac Posen. They’ll say, “Not the cast of Big Bang Theory, that’s for sure.” It’s the hottest new label.

Tina’s comment was much funnier than Jesse Tyler’s snarky version, but what’s with all the shade tonight guys? Isn’t this supposed to be an award show for actors by actors? You guys all voted for each other, so why we gotta be like this? I guess in my head I assume that everyone watches the same shows that I do, so my brain thinks that 30 Rock and Modern Family are more popular than Big Bang Theory. But in real life, it’s not, and I guess it makes sense that the actors would get peeved about it. But maybe save your comments for your living room, JTF. Tina, you’re fine. You can stay as long as you like and say whatever you need.

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    • jamie

      Tina was just trying to get people to watch 30 Rock because IT IS THEIR FINAL EPISODE, not because she was hating on them.

      Get over it. Alec and Tina totally deserve the awards.

      30 Rock is the funniest and smartest show and I think they should have won for ensemble as well, even though I’m cool with Modern Fam’s win.

      Jesse was just being funny so y’know, stop being over-sensitive.

      Get a more interesting story angle and stop trying to create rifts between the shows sheesh.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I can’t get over it! I’m trapped under it!

    • Cee

      I like Big Bang Theory, it has a lot of nerd sauce, Johnny Galecki’s character is positively huggable, Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) is sexy and admittedly it has its funny parts, however its characters, particularly the women seem to be very one dimensional and Jim Parson’s character gets irritating very fast. I think part of it is making fun of its record breaking viewership, fact that it wins a lot and maybe people are still upset that Jim Parson beat Steve Carell at his last chance to win an Emmy.

      30 Rock is extremely well written and well executed, hell its made me watch Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan! Tina, Alec and the show really deserved to win, especially now that it is their last chance. I’ve met a few people that have said they “don’t get” 30 Rock’s humor. I judge them a bit. One of them even said she doesn’t know when to laugh at jokes or when jokes are said because there is no laugh track….I judged her the most

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The day I don’t get 30 Rock’s sense of humor is the day I will take myself to the doctor for a full-on physical.

      • Jenni

        Dr. Spaceman?