Harry Styles Tweet Talking Emma Watson, Will Likely Start Dating Her Any Day Now

OMG guyz! Did you like hear the news that Harry Styles and Emma Watson are practically on the verge of getting married. Kinda, sorta, maybe. Am I getting ahead of myself? If so, say yes (to the dress) and let me know. It’s just that I’m super jazzed about this Twitter exchange that went down last night.

Harry Styles Emma Watson Dating

You see Harry Styles tweeted at Emma Watson about a movie he watched. Emma Watson retweeted that tweet. This has a lot more significance than most people will even realize. Luckily I’m here to break it down for you! So follow along with me as we explore Hollywood’s hottest new maybe-couple.

1. He starts the tweet real conversational, in a way that suggest they’ve spoken before. Maybe on Twitter, maybe in person, maybe via snapchat.

2. She retweets it like it means something real special. This is a girl who gets 42 million tweets a day. She retweets maybe .00001% of those. So when she does, you know it means something.

3. This tweet’s probably about The Perks of Being a Wallflower because no one would admit to just seeing the second half of the final Harry Potter film now. We all know that Perks is near and dear to her heart. So a boy who compliments her are on it probably gets moved to the top of her “relationship rumors that I wouldn’t totally hate” list.

While I’m not going to officially say they’re dating, I’m also not going to sit here and lie to you and pretend this exchange means nothing. So rather than jump to conclusions and start putting One Direction lyrics to classic Hermione Granger moments, I’m just going to leave it at this and see where it goes. After all, we accept the relationship rumors that we think we deserve.

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    • wendy

      Im sure emma watson’s Rl long term boyfriend will love your article…

      • Jenni

        Ooo do you think he reads Crushable?

    • http://twitter.com/lebutzki Christopher Lebutzki

      If people actually consider this flirting, then they need to leave the computer once in a while and actually interact with people.

      • Jenni

        Oh I don’t consider this flirting. I consider this to be straight-up cyber sex.

    • K

      If you did a bit of research you’d know that Nick Grimshaw who hosts radio 1 breakfast and is very good friends with Harry, told Emma on air that Harry only saw the first half of perks because he had to leave for work. Emma then jokingly tweeted Harry asking when he’d see the second half, he said he liked the first half and would catch it soon, he is now just responding. Emma probably retweeted it for a bit of fun and publicity for the movie, she’s been with her BF Will for over a year and they practically live together.

      • Jenni

        Back up please….define research?

    • Alysha

      I just have to comment that I’m in love with your posts Jenni. I have yet to read a single one that hasn’t made me laugh out loud, question the meaning of life or ponder my overly inappropriate obsession with One Direction. I also give you mad props for dealing with the crazy ass comments that people so love to post. Not including mine.
      I can only hope to aspire to your level of wit and just badass writing. No sarcasm intended.

      • Jenni

        Thank you! I’m honored to hear that I make readers question the meaning of life. That’s all I ever aspired to do. That and troll my own commenters (it’s one of my favorite leisure activities). Seriously, no sarcasm, thanks for reading.

    • pepejeans

      Oh i Would love if they would date.No more Haylor. They would make an amazing couple,I know that.Emma is just amaze:)

    • Arielle

      Here’s the part where Harry styles reveals that his last name is actually potter

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