Why Do Angelina Jolie’s Kids Need So Much Help Pooping?

angelina jolie childrenLook, I’ll preface this Angelina Jolie parenting story with the fact that I’m not a mother. So maybe I’m completely off base here with what I’m about to say. Maybe this is normal parenting stuff that most people just don’t talk about. Or maybe, just maybe, someone handed Ang outdated anecdote flashcards to study before this interview and she simply didn’t take a moment to think about what she was saying.

But let’s begin at the beginning and then we can discuss. As per usual, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt talked about how their family is 100% completely and totally normal. Most kids live in 10 different mansions before their 10th birthday right? RIGHT!

In trying to make that point she tells Total Film magazine, “‘The great thing about having a bunch of kids is they just remind you that you’re the person who takes them to go poop!”

Um, what? Her kids are 11, 9, 8, 6 and 4. I would say four out of those six kids should be able to excuse themselves from whatever they’re doing and go to the bathroom by themselves. Sure if they’re at a restaurant or another public venue, someone should go with them I guess so they don’t get kidnapped. But I highly doubt the older kids are all like “hey mom lady, it’s time to take me to poop!” And Angelina throws her make-up team aside, hikes her up her designer dress and is like “you’re right, it is poop time!”

It’s much more likely that someone told Angelina Jolie that poop stories make celebrities relatable. There’s nothing’s more fun than hearing a celebrity tell an “I’m an every day mom” story — such as “my baby doesn’t care that i just got nominated for an Oscar for the sixth time, unless his peeing in my face while I changed his diaper was some kind of compliment.”

And if that’s the case, she needs to update her stories stat. In case she forgot to read it in her family’s daily newsletter, her kids are growing up. So she should swap out pooping stories for ones about homework and first crushes and sibling rivalry.

But that’s just a little pro-bono advice from a non-celebrity, non-parent who doesn’t really get how kids work or what parents did with them before Youtube or why they’re not more interested in the debt ceiling.

(Bruno Press, PacificCoastNews.com)

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    • LindsayCross

      I’m the mother of an almost-five-year-old. Last night she asked me to hold her hand while she pooped because her tummy was upset… Maybe it was all PR nonsense, but I understood what she was saying…

      • Jenni

        See these are things I don’t know as a non-parent! She could be for real. But I’m also suspect since the rumors are that she has a nanny for each kid.

    • http://twitter.com/reallysuperneat Nicole

      My guess is she meant it as they keep her from getting too full of herself by reminding her that she’s a mom first? But it’s an awkward way of putting it. My sister is six and will /announce/ that she has to poop (who doesn’t?), but none of us have to take her there.

      • ImTwistedNerve

        Of course, she meant it as something that grounds any parent. It’s not like she ever said in the interview that she do it “everyday” with “all” her kids like this article suggested, like there is something wrong with her kids.

    • Melody

      Having kids, I understood what Angelina was saying. So it must be a parent thing. You will see when you get there.

    • ImTwistedNerve

      Another useless article, trying to be snarky without being witty. The magazine article touched a lot of things and of course, you try to reduce it to Angelina faking her “normal” family life. I regretted ever clicking, and then reading this article.

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