Daniel Radcliffe Isn’t Harry Potter Anymore So He’s Allowed To Do Sex Scenes Now, Okay?

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Apparently everyone at the Sundance Film Festival is clutching their pearls in horror over Daniel Radcliffe‘s explicit sex scenes in his new film, Kill Your Darlings.  I don’t get what the big deal is, I mean he’s already portrayed a Satanic warlock in a series of films that goes against pretty much everyone’s morality, so… yeah.  Gay sex and masturbating on film seems like the natural next step.

“It’s interesting that it’s deemed shocking.  For me, there’s something very strange about that because we see straight sex scenes all the time. We’ve seen gay sex scenes before. I don’t know why a gay sex scene should be any more shocking than a straight sex scene. Or both of them are equally un-shocking.”

I’m assuming that everyone who has seen this film and had an abhorrent reaction to it might not be aware that he’s acting.  Or that he’s not really Harry Potter.  Or that people have sex.  Gay people, straight people, curved people, squiggly people… they all have sex at some point. I find it hard to believe that anyone attending a famous film festival would be easily offended, but perhaps it is odd seeing a Hogwarts alum bopping his baloney? I’m not certain.  Ugh, I totally blame our country’s pearl-clutching tendencies on the Puritans.

I digress.  When MTV asked Harry, er, Daniel, about shooting the scandalous sex scenes, Daniel said that there wasn’t really time to feel awkward, because they shot the whole thing in about an hour.  Which, in my opinion, is pretty unrealistic sexually but hey, I’m not the director.

“You just kind of had to get it done. I’m trying to avoid using phrasing that could slip into innuendo!”

Oh Daniel Radcliffe, you cheeky monkey!  You make me want to slip under an invisibility cloak and have a little fun.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/reva.madison Reva Madison

      Sadly, the movie industry seems to think that sex is necessary in every movie today, or at least any that deals with ANY type of adult story. How would you feel if the Lil Colonel, grew up and did porn movies? Shocked? Yes, Upset? Yes. Disgusted? Yes. So goes it with Harry. Yes, we know he had sex, because in the last movie he had children (or at least that is usually the way one gets children. But we don’t have to announce it, nor, heaven help us, show it on screen. We raised our kids, showing him a group of good kids (with at least threesome of bad ones), and gave credit to the movie makers that we didn’t have to worry about a bad choice of words, nudity, etc. Most were hoping we wouldn’t have to explain the complete turn around, when those kids grew up, but here it is. I just hope the grand-kids don’t find out about it, until they themselves are adults – then they will know anyway.

    • Mo Cooper

      Evidently these people didn’t hear about Equus…