Scandalous: Jennifer Lawrence Says Tabloid Photoshopped An Elderly Butt Onto Her Body

Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped Butt

Well I never! Jennifer Lawrence recently went on The Late Show with Dave Letterman to expose a scandal of epic proportions. Her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult doesn’t exist. HE WAS A HOAX. Lolsies, that’s someone else who revealed that this week. Sorry I’m not sorry for squeezing a little topical Manti Te’o humor for you on this fine Thursday. It’s not often I’m up on my sports knowledge, so I’m trying to take full advantage.

Anyway back to J.Law and her soon-to-be-turned-into-a-Dateline-Special story. While talking to Dave, Jennifer Lawrence told him that a tabloid photoshopped an 90-year-old woman’s butt onto her body — and she would therefore not take responsibility for that butt. And she let it be known that she’ll take responsibility for her less flattering photos, such as this one. But she will not, under any circumstances, take responsibility for that butt. IT’S NOT HERS!

As always, late night talk show interviews leave us with more questions than answers. Why would a tabloid do this to Jennifer Lawrence? It’s bad enough they’re stalking her on a family vacation. Can they at least give her the dignity of not pasting someone else’s butt onto her body? Silly question, I know. I apologize.

Also who’s butt is this? Is it yours? Is it your grandma’s? Take a good look, do  you recognize this butt? Have you seen it on a milk carton or something? Because whoever owns this butt might want to know that Jennifer Lawrence is wearing it around.

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    • Jules

      Okay…you know that Jennifer was being sarcastic, right?….as in, (of course that’s my butt, BUt I’m going to make a joke out of it and say yeah, it was photoshopped! (LOL!). That’s how I understood it anyway. I’m generally prettygood at reading your wonderful articles and laughing along with your sarcasm but,this wretched flu has impaired my reading comprehension skills…so, a thousand apologies if I misunderstood you (LOL!).

      • Jenni

        First things first, sorry you have the flu! No apologies needed ever!

      • Mia003

        Okay Do you know that she was being sarcastic, right? She knows Jennifer was being sarcastic and she was being sarcastic about it. I know Jennifer always says girls need to accept their bodies and not want to be skinny anorexic sticks. So I don’t think she she put her body down or joke about it.

      • Lucy Saw

        Jennifer needs maybe just act for a while and not say anything in public. All of her humor from now on will be deconstructed and misconstrued. She’s an amazing actress. She should just be aloof like Charlize Theron, kick ass on stage, come out and only talk about her roles and then go back into her out of public life. Just saying. I would hate for Jennifer to end up as tabloid fodder which too many public ventures will make a starlet sooner or later. She needs to focus on work and not share too much of herself (save that for your family and friends Jen!). I love her talent as a fine serious actress, I don’t need to know anything about her dry sense of humor.