Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Hate Meryl Streep, Just Idiotic Americans

Jennifer Lawrence I Beat Meryl

Could Jennifer Lawrence be the female version of Ryan Gosling? A magical celebrity who manages to give amazing interview after amazing interview after amazing interview. We usually tire of seeing the same celebrities night after night making the talk show rounds during their publicity runs, But J.Law keeps delivering quality quotes that makes us want to turn her into a human meme. I’m not even sure what being a human meme would entail, but I’ve just never met someone who’s so lovable AND so gif-able.

Last night she stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman to discuss what she said about Meryl Streep when she won her Golden Globe this past Sunday. As you may  have heard from the mobs that stormed her house Beauty & The Beast style, she triumphantly said “I beat Meryl” as she accepted her award. While it sounded like a flippant remark from a young actress, it’s actually a quote from the classic ’90s revenge film The First Wives Club.

Of course she doesn’t hate Meryl Streep. No one hates Meryl Streep. But she does hate idiotic Americans who crucify her on Twitter for a simple misunderstanding. So sorry everyone who overreacted to this moment, you’re on her bad side now. And in case you don’t remember from her groundbreaking 2012 documentary The Hunger Games, she kills people who cross her.

(GIF: People)

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    • Soshiloveable

      lol saw a comment that was directed at jennifer lawrence on a pic on clevver tv,was not happy with the fact meryl streep lost to her

    • Chantal

      LOVE Jenifer Lawrence you go girl shoot them idiots with your arrows.. lol (: I new exactly what she meant when she said I beat meryl The first wife’s club is my mom and my Favorite movie to watch together is funny….no one should take what lilo says anyway she’s always being taken away in police cars for drunk driving…. and btw. i’m canadan

    • Jen90

      If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen! What does god say about hating people? Obviously this girl is not a christian if she talks like that. I am sure some people just misunderstood what she was trying to say all she had to do was explain herself and what she was trying to say, She didn’t have to say she hates people!

    • Cara

      Love her! Oh, and Jen90, just go away. You’re annoying.

      • Mia003

        go drink her tolit water fool! worshiping a person that does not know your even living………..what a joke you are

      • Jenni

        So many things right with this comment, I don’t know where to start.

      • Cara

        Do you know where I can find her “tolit”?!

    • Vanessa Vieira

      I want to know how many First Wives Club DVDs are going to be rented and bought

      • Jenni

        I want you to know how many times I’ve watched the movie in order to memorize the final dance scene. Yes, I know Bette’s entire part.

    • AWildlingAppears

      Meryl had her moments. This is Jennifer’s. End of discussion.

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    • Mystique River

      “Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t hate Meryl Streep”……I couldn’t care less. Jennifer Lawrence is no one.