Kim Kardashian Says Her Baby’s Name Will Remain A Secret, The World Does A Spit Take

Kim Kardashian PregnantOh no! It looks like Kim Kardashian completely forgot what she does for a living. Even though her Linkedin profile currently reads ” I have a constant need to prove to the public that no publicity is bad publicity,” she seems to have confused herself with someone who’s career involves valuing privacy.

I hope she’s not logged into Adele’s Linkedin account again. It was so awkward when she did that last time and made that inane statement that she would never put her child on a reality TV show. And then everyone had to be like “um Kim, sweetheart,  there’s currently a camera in your cervix, so you should rethink what you just said…”

And now it looks like she’s at it again. During a recent interview with E! News to promote the season premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami this Sunday,  she looked in someone’s eyes and said she’s planning to keep her baby’s name private.

As for what they’ll name their mini-Kim or mini-Kanye? “We’re not sure yet,” she said, adding that the parents-to-be still “have to think about” whether or not they’d follow the Kardashian tradition of giving their baby a “K” name. “I have to discuss that with my boyfriend to see where we are. But we’ll keep the name private, I think, whenever we decide.”

What? Does she know what the word private means? Maybe someone should look it up for her. Assuming of course that Kris Jenner hasn’t ripped it out of every dictionary within a 100-mile radius of their home. Because I find it extremely hard to believe that the child’s name won’t be copyrighted and distributed on commemorative mugs before she/he leaves the hospital.

But hopefully I’m wrong. Hopefully we’ll be sitting here (right here) in 18 years, waiting for the child to come of age and unveil his name to us.

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