10 Reasons You Should Like Birthday Boy Drew Brees (Even If You Hate Football)

Drew Brees FamilyDrew Brees, QB for the New Orleans Saints, turns 34 years old on January 15th, 2013. Happy Birthday Breesy!

Although Crushable doesn’t usually write up athletes, Drew Brees is no ordinary football star and is therefore very worthy of some birthday spotlight time. He’s only four years older than me and boy oh boy has he accomplished so much, on and off the turf.

Participating in charity work, making hilarious commercials, successfully wearing a newsboy cap as an adult male. Let’s face it…Mr. Brees is pretty damn likable, even if you’re an Atlanta Falcons fan, or not a fan of football at all (what’s wrong with you?) Besides his cool (yup) name, I’m listing some reasons you should appreciate a man like Drew. It’ll be good for yah.

1. Drew graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Which means a) he is a college football player that actually graduated with a degree in something other than “general studies” and b) he graduated with a degree he can use in football…and in life. DB (can I call yah DB?) also won the Academic All-American Player of the Year. Brains, brawn, AND beauty.

2. Drew was awarded Purdue’s Leonard Wilson Award for unselfishness and dedication. That’s a real thing, apparently. And he won it.

3. DB married his college sweetheart Brittany Brees and they had three sons with kick ass names (Baylen, Bowen, and Callen). Brees sought help from his twitter fan base for suggestions on names for his second son Bowen. His first son, Baylen, was born on Drew’s 30th birthday. So, Happy Birthday to Baylen Brees too!

4. DB’s first book, Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity, hit #3 on the non-fiction New York Times Bestseller list. He’s a celebrity that wrote a book…and it is actually good. Spoiler alert: how Brees came back from a usual career ending injury and how New Orleans (and The Saints) came back from Hurricane Katrina.

5. Drew led the Saints to WIN the Superbowl during his fourth year with the team. Ok, I know that’s football-related, but everyone watches the Superbowl. It was also the first time the Saints won the Superbowl…ever.

6. Mr. Brees was on the Madden 2011 cover. Which means he was voted on by fans, and picked out of every player in the NFL. Beast.

7. His fan-given nickname is “Breesus”. Not kidding. So awesome.

8. Drew made a Pepsi commercial with One Direction. That’s right, you heard me. One. Direction. And. Drew Brees. Amazing.

9. The Brees Dream foundation, a charity started and run with his wife, helps improve quality of life for cancer patients and provides assistance to families in need. The Brees Dream Foundation also  paired with Operation Kids in 2007 to help rebuild New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina. And then there’s his keeping up with his fraternity roots – in which he still helps build homes for Habitat for Humanity with his Sigma Chi bros. So basically, Drew is a hero among men.

10.  Mrs. Drew Brees, Brittany Brees, describes him as a loving Dad and husband and she swears she keeps him grounded in a city that worships him. Brittany and their sons attend every single Saints game and Drew claims he can change a diaper in 30 seconds flat. Overachiever. Plus, Brittany is hot. Well done, Sir Brees, well done.

Happy Birthday Drew! Now go celebrate, you likable man, you. Get dirty. Get another bad ass scar. You live in New Orleans for the love of…I’m sure you can find something good to do.

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    • Jules

      I have little respect for him after the Saints put bounties on ending the careers of ther QB’s. How can you be a family man while wanting to take away other QB’s ability to provide for theirs at the least and take away their life and mobility at most. I want to like him, but I just can’t.

    • S.N.

      You do know that Drew had virtually nothing to do with Bountygate right? It was mainly the fault of the defense and its coordinator, who actually ran a pay-for-performance program, not a pay-to-injure program. Nothing was really proven about the case in court. Please take the time to do research instead of assuming whatever the headline states.

    • Vickster

      Jules – you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. The Saints did NOT put “bounties on ending the careers of ther [sic] QB’s”. You fell for the media hype. The Saints operated a pay for PERFORMANCE program which rewarded players for big plays NOT big hits because those cause penalties which actually hurt their chances of winning. They were also the LEAST penalized team (look it up – it’s a fact) during their so called “bounty years” and not ONE PLAYER was ever injured by any Saints player with a hit that was not legal.
      Drew Brees is a good man and does a LOT of things for the community – both San Diego where he began his career and New Orleans. To accuse him of “wanting to take away other qb’s ability to provide for theirs” shows your ignorance and is an unwarranted and completely unfounded slam

    • lalala

      Drew Brees is the MAN!!!!

      He deserves nothing but respect and the adoration of his “who dat nation”. His nickname was erned!
      (the hard way!) I am from nola, and was never really into football….until we almost lost it after Katrina.
      He is truly a great human being and here in new Orleans he will always be worshiped!

    • NOLAgirl

      Late posting this, but not only was it the first time the Saints won the Superbowl, it was the first time we WENT to the Superbowl. All hail Breesus :)

    • kerrryz

      Not to split hairs, but Drew’s degree is in Industrial Management which is a little less rigorous than IE. His wife is adorable. Pretty, but funny and personable too.

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