Taylor Swift Sends Adele The World’s Worst Stink Eye At The Golden Globes

Taylor Swift Reaction Adele

My, my, my how the tables have turned in the capital city of Break-Up Songs Are Us. It’s undeniable that Taylor Swift and Adele are both known for singing about love…and how it completely destroyed both their lives. And up until the 2013 Golden Globes it was possible for them both to exist in our world and for them both to be co-sponsors of heartbreak all across America. In fact, anonymous sources once told me that the two planned to partner up with Ben & Jerry’s in 2013 and host break-ups in 10 select college dorms.

But tonight that ended. In one single moment that entire partnership came crashing down faster than you can yell Jenga. You see, both ladies got nominated for best song ever to be featured in a movie — Taylor Swift for her song in Hunger Games and Adele for her song in  Skyfall. However, as the rules state, only one can win. And it was Adele for “Till the World Ends.”

While everyone else mentally willed her to accidentally say her son’s name in her acceptance speech, Taylor Swift channeled all her anger into sending Adele the world’s worst stink eye ever. I’m no doctor, but I feel comfortable saying that it sent a collective chill down America’s spine.

I mean, I think we have the entire plot for the next season of American Horror Story ready to go now. It just features close-ups on Taylor Swift’s face, with the occasional glimpse of Adele tied up in the corner, being forced to sing Taylor Swift’s songs over and over again, allowed to eat nothing but her Golden Globe award.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/catzilrein Richard Lavimoniere

      Adele won because that swift girl can’t sing. Adele rocks!

    • http://thekimberlydiaries.com/ the kimberly diaries

      bahahaha I thought I was the only one who noticed the look! Taylor is already writing a bitter song about this in her head

    • Raven

      I think you guys are nuts. I’ve watched the video of Swift’s reaction several times and I don’t see any “stink eye” look from her.

    • Cee

      I just think she doesn’t know what to do with all the facial muscles she readied to do the blow job face she makes when she wins. I predict the song she’ll write about this will be called No Name Son.

    • David

      Yes! I saw this

    • Taylor Swift is a cunt

      Eat shit Taylor you man fame obsessed whore… Go find the next up and comer to attach you festering cunt to, you talentless pile of horse shit. Your music is drivel as are the meaningless lyrics that spew out of your empty head you sour looking whore.

      • Peppercorn

        Hey, no need to be insulting, just because you don’t like her music. I can’t say I’m a fan of her music or that I approve of what I know about her social life either, but she’s a human being who deserves respect.

      • Soshiloveable

        respect for what? her choices? she can choose not to have a boyfriend every few months…and choose older men..they know what she actually wants,most high school boys don’t know what a girl really wants at her age

      • KatFord

        25 lovers by age 23, which she publicizes? she is a whore.

    • http://www.reinventingmyselftherightwaynow.blogspot.com Patti D

      I guess that means Taylor will be scheming to sing a “burn”/”breakup/I hate you/ song about Adele then!

    • Jill

      Taylor totally gave Adele the stink eye. Taylor your career is on borrowed time.

    • PoopMan

      i like both artists, but i found this hilarious. i can’t fault her for being mad. I would be mad if I lost too. it’s perfectly reasonable.

      • Jenni

        But did she really think she’d beat Adele?

      • Soshiloveable

        Adele is a vocal powerhouse,she does not need to dance or play a guitar to make music and win awards,this is the golden globes,not the MTV awards,miss swift

      • Guest

        But Adele DOES sound like a man

    • A

      Um…please do your research…the song was obviously called “Skyfall” not “Till the World Ends”….

      • KatFord

        Never type, “um”. You look stupid.

    • phlyer

      Should we think that Taylor would be happy about losing? Hey, she’s human. If a disappointed expression is all that she revealed, she deserves credit, not criticism. But the media needs to create a story.

    • Soshiloveable

      Trying to beat Adele when you are not a vocal powerhouse? she does not win at the MTV awards but this is the golden globes we are talking about,there are no voting sites for fans when it comes to the academy or golden globes,taylor should just suck it and accept the fact this is not MTV

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    • guest

      lets face it people all of these songs were shit any award ceremony is fixed from the word go. None of these nominees deserve the award both people in the “death stare ” story make listeners want to kill themselves with their depressing songs and should we really promote these artists by giving them awards?