Adele Returns To America…Wearing The Same Dress As The Last Time We Saw Her

Adele Golden Globes Dress 2013

After months of waiting for Adele to abandon her child and return to America, she finally fulfilled our wishes! She arrived in America at the end of last week and appeared on the Golden Globes red carpet tonight wearing the same exact dress as the last time we saw her.

You know the dress I’m talking about. Black, high-cut, low-level neck decorations. Is the term “low-level neck decorations” a real fashion term? I’ve watched two hours of red carpet coverage (complete with one hour of the mani-cam), so I’m going to go with yes.

“What are you wearing Adele?” everyone asked as she graced them with her presence. Wanting only to get inside, grab her Golden Globe for “Till the World Ends” and head home to her no-named baby, she graciously stood still and answered them.

“Vintage Adele!” she said back politely, ever so eager to get away from Ryan Seacrest before he sold her voice Ursula-style for a chance to produce a show about the inner-workings of Kim Kardashian’s womb. Then, as everyone started comparing her outfit to last year’s outfit at the 2012 Brit Awards, she disappeared back into the crowds.

Never change Adele, literally never change.

(Photos: Solarpix, My TV)

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    • Sue


    • A. James

      If you knew anything, you’d A) Know that the dress has the same style – yes, but is by a completely different designer. Adele makes music for the ears, not the eyes. So climb out of you own ass and stop being such a jerk. And B) Her song is called ‘Skyfall’, not ‘Till the World Ends’. A bit of homework wouldn’t have killed you before you typed up a pissy, misinformed article, bad-mouthing celebrities.

    • deguananonli

      it’s not the same dress, can’t you see? asshole!

    • Streakysis

      You can see it is not the same dress, the neckline is completely different. And so what if she has not revealed the name of her son, it is not our right to know anything about him if she chooses not to inform us. Get your facts right as said below before you publish an article of half truths.