H&M Gave Us An Early Valentine’s Day Gift In The Form Of These Candid David Beckham Underwear Photos



To help promote their David Beckham underwear line, H&M recently enlisted auteur Guy Ritchie to film a sexy commercial in which Becks himself is chased around his neighborhood wearing only his David Beckham for H&M skivvies. And happy Thursday, they’ve just posted a whole bunch of preview material on the internet. “For me, this felt like more than a campaign – it was like directing a short film,” says Ritchie. Blah blah blah. Pics or it didn’t happen! Luckily, there are also some of those. I also find it worth noting that H&M is audacious enough to call the forthcoming ad “a Valentine’s gift in and of itself.” Normally I’d mock their “cocky” attitude, but judging from the candid shots released so far, I’m inclined to believe them.

(Via H&M)

Photos: H&M


Just going for a jog on the tennis court in his favorite briefs, nothin' to see here.


He's sexy and he knows it. Look at that rakish grin.


How are we even allowed to look at this?


Beckham at rest.


Oh look, it's a Greek statue. Just kidding, it's David Beckham.


Don't cover up on my account.


There, that's a little better.


Objectifying men is fun!
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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      They couldn’t have hired just a few extras for this shoot? I can hose a man down like a real pro, I’ve worked at a car wash before.