Celebrity Cannabis Club Initiates Justin Bieber As Its Newest Weed Aficionado

Justin Bieber Pot

 I think it’s hilarious when celebrities get “busted” smoking pot and then scramble for the perfect PR lie or half-assed apology to  their fans for their “misdeed”. Miley Cyrus, Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, Frank Ocean and now Justin Bieber have all given their excuses for toking up.  It’s got to be the lamest drug a celebrity can get caught with, which is why it’s so funny to watch them talk their way out of it.

Photos have surfaced of Justin Bieber allegedly smoking a blunt with his crew of wannabe-badass privileged white boy friends, nearly resulting in the spontaneous combustion of the internet and naive tween girls’ hearts.  This happened days after a paparazzi photographer died while allegedly attempting to snap photos of Biebs getting high, which apparently wasn’t enough of a buzz killer for him.

After the photos became public, Bieber took to his Twitter to issue a kinda/sorta apology:

“Everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up. Back on tour tomorrow. ready to see u all smile. time to do what im supposed to be doing. performing. #BELIEVEtour.

Maybe if Biebsy wasn’t busy smoking a blunt not unlike the way Cruella DeVille smokes cigarettes, he would have been paying attention to the jackass in the room who was snapping pictures of him. Did he learn nothing from teen star cannabis counterpart, Miley Cyrus?  ”It’s like, salvia y’all.”  Riiiight.

If I were Justin Bieber, I’d make sure I hired some security muscle to regulate that shit.  Phillies Blunts and iPhone cameras don’t mix.  Also: get cooler friends.

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    • Belieber

      I think JB was just having a down day but I am REALLY disappointed in him and I dont think I will keep beliebing if he keeps this badass act going!!!

    • tomholt47

      bieber please go away, you are awful…just awful.!

    • LIZZY

      call him gay. get a fucking life someday and stop gettin INTO PEOPLE BUSSS U BITCH.. now i dnt really jb but ill steack up for him no matter wat u jealous people just get a fucking life somedays tht’ll do his day guy call him gay are just jealous cuzz he has lots of money cars clothe and can date any/evry girls ‘beautiful girls tht u can not find in america like tht’ all of his fans are just girl and comeon just say it ur jealous of him cuzz of evrything he has and GET A LIFE SOME TIMES IF U WENT TO BE LIKE HIM DNT JUST SIT AROUND AND JUST BE JEALOUS OF U BITCH .. ohhh and again stop gettin INTO PEOPLE BUSSS END OF…

      • Aaron

        I’d like to buy a vowell please.

    • Jesus Christ

      I actually like him more now that I know he gets high. I was a stoner back in my day. Thats why there’s no record of my life until my 30′s. I was sooooooo baked, i stayed in my hut and smoked a fatty all day, everyday…

    • BiebsDaBomb

      I like Justin because all talents aside, he has a clean image and is a good role model….but now, it’s tarnished. I hope he can control his youthful impulses so he can stay the Justin Bieber we beliebers are originally fell in love with. None of this badass ‘I’m hot stuff’ crappy attitude.

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