Marysol Tells Us What Really Happened To Elsa Patton’s Face

Elsa PattonThe first hour of The Real Housewives of Miami reunion show aired last night, and aside from being a crazy lady-style dog fight, there were a few interesting revelations as well, namely about Elsa Patton‘s face.

Elsa Patton 2 Now in the past, we’ve put significant effort into our speculation about what could’ve gone down to create the flesh-scape that we see before us today. We contacted Dr. Richard Chafoo, a plastic surgeon, who gave us his professional opinion of what must’ve gone down to make such a mess. He had a lot of ideas, but it all boiled down to this:

“It appears as though she had a brow lift, blepharoplasty, facelift, and fillers although she looks overdone and unnatural. Her eyebrows are raised too high in a surprised and artificial appearance.”

The other stuff is in plain English, but Dr. Chafoo thought the main issue mostly centered around a botched eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, although it’s important to note that he wasn’t there, nor is Mama Elsa a patient of his.

Elsa Patton 3

But now we have confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth. Or, straight from her daughter, Marysol Patton‘s mouth, anyway. For kind of the first time, Marysol opened up about the issues with her mom’s face. In her own words:

“I remember having her eyelids done, like in the eighties and it went so wrong. She had hematomas on her eyes for like three years. And after that, I’ve never seen her have like a full face-lift or anything.”

That makes sense. That would explain the way her eyelids droop. And Ana Quincoces had some input on the rest of her face as well:

“I honestly think, I mean I’m not an expert, but it looks like she started doing injectibles before injectibles were…and they put silicone in, and that kind of pools under your skin and you can’t remove it.

Again, makes total sense. The same way that women are putting Botox in their faces now without really knowing the full side-effects, these women like Elsa were putting in silicone without knowing how it behaved. In Adriana De Moura‘s words:

Obviously the photos of Elsa when she was young, she looks like Sophia Loren. If you think she’s like a little older…and whatever was going on twenty, thirty years ago when she was doing it, it’s not necessarily the best reliable product. And she was trying to stay beautiful like all of us.

It’s a sad thing, but it is nice to finally have some closure in the case of Elsa’s face. It should be a lesson to everyone — don’t put things in your face without knowing what they do! Actually, on second thought…maybe just don’t put things in your face at all. Just an idea.

(Images: Tumblr Via Crushable)

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    • Frances Bean

      I always wondered what was up with her mouth. It looks cartoonish or almost muppet-like. I’m not even trying to make fun of her, it’s sad and scary what can happen when you go too far with plastic surgery. She was once a gorgeous woman too.

    • sirburnallot

      too bad woman get all fucked up about how they see themselves in front of a morror. they will do anything to themselves in hopes of attracting a man. Just like the woman who fucks there face up and become non-real……the so called man they attract is also not a real man.

      • Keron Kelap

        Shut the hell up you worthless punk.

      • Colton Cummings

        While he worded it kind of badly (particularly the part about it all being in hopes of attracting a man), plastic surgery addiction does come from a distorted body image. Weird, your comment contributes even less than the parent’s.

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    • Ashley Tisdales
    • LDopa

      She is horrifying. Poor grand kids.

    • Bev


    • Tim Green

      daamn this article just rags on that beast.. how did they manage to interview the daughter?? i would be smacking the shit out the editor if i was her..

    • Neal Red

      Vanity destroyed that woman’s face. Maybe if her self-esteem wasn’t so closely connected to her self-worth, she wouldn’t look like a monster today.

    • Jessica

      we actually completely and totally know what botox does. it’s an extremely well-studied toxin and is used in medicine all the time. and you don’t put it “in” your face. it’s not an injectable. it’s a neurotoxin.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Doctors pretty much universally acknowledge that there’s no way for us to understand its long-term affects until we physically see them.

      • Jessica

        we have seen long-term effects. we’ve been using it for years, medically (for neuralgia, tics, etc). fortunately or unfortunately, the preparations we use wear off after a few months. believe me, this is a very well characterized and studied toxin.

      • Jye

        Anyone who uses Botox is a poor soul indeed.

      • Matt

        Botox has been used for decades, its a very well studied injectable.

      • Colton Cummings

        Um, yes, it is an injectable whether you’re talking about for blepharospasm (or other medical uses) or cosmetic purposes.

    • DarkHuntress

      But what happened to her mouth?

    • rostam rostamm

      Attention all of the Kardashian clan….This article speaks to you all. Please stop the madness before it’s to late!

    • RonnieJ25

      She looks like such a beast. If you fu(ked that, your d!ck would start drooping.

    • scott

      Yeah – Whatever you do, don’t marry an American woman. They are substandard next to European and Asian women.

      • JakJak

        It’s a good thing that real Men (and Women) actually grow up like adults are supposed to and learned not to judge individuals by their nationality or ethnicity. How vain and shallow a person must be to make such a blanket assumption against an entire group of Women as if every single one of them were sub par because they happen to be American. Do you not realize how dumb you sound? Your attitude is the only thing that’s substandard here and with that I doubt you will be getting ANY Woman…You lose. ;)

      • Cecelia Clarke

        Why don’t you go away? Ugly is as ugly writes…so I am sure that no one wants to look at you. With your evil, mean spirit…we all know that you are a complete mess.

    • Robert Brewer

      Oh its terrifying! What might have the surgeon done I wonder! But a right surgeon can do it right for you. Log on to: for more news.

    • FresnoJoe

      She Looks Beautiful~!
      Of Course I’m A Grandfather So What Do I Know :)

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