Video: Hollywood Stars Make A PSA Demanding A Plan On Gun Control

In the wake of the horrible Newtown, CT school shooting tragedy, many people have renewed the call for stricter gun control laws to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Some of those people are famous, and a bunch of said famous people have banded together to make a PSA for Demand A Plan, an outgrowth of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns non-profit coalition.

There’s a lot of impressive famous person power here, and everyone does a great job delivering their lines with pathos, especially Beyonce…damn, girl. I have no doubt that the intentions of everyone involved were good. But I can’t help but notice a few glaring issues here.

1.) It’s incredibly vague. Who are we supposed to ‘demand a plan’ of? Could it be our patron saint Obama, who has a long history of being friendly with the gun lobby? Good luck with that.

2.) On the topic of vagueness…what kind of plan should we demand? Should people be allowed to keep hunting rifles (which can also be used to kill people), or should all guns be outlawed, or what?

3.) It’s preaching to the choir. Do you know how much the pro-gun people of America love their guns? SO MUCH. Anyone who has ever talked to one of them for even a second knows that are not going to be swayed by a bunch of effete Hollywood celebrities making serious faces into the camera.

I do believe more serious gun control laws are needed in this country; of the 62 mass murders that have occurred in America since 1982, over three quarters of the weapons used were obtained legally. But I also think adequate access to mental healthcare and a less alienated society in general would better get at the root causes. That said, caring some is better than not caring at all. I just wish these people, many of whom fought pretty hard to get Obama re-elected, would think a little harder about what’s wrong with this country, and realize that glacial reformist politics are not the most effective way to build a better society.

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    • alittleunwell

      The hypocrisy of Hollywood never ends. My son is a professional body guard, he has both a concealed weapons and open carry license. Why? Because these Hollywood stars don’t want anyone to hurt them. I’m so sick of them all. I don’t mind everyday people saying lets rethink gun control but these hypocrites with their armed security guards should shut their mouths already. Let’s see Beyonce go down the street with her baby girl and no armed guard before she opens her mouth. Don’t kid yourself people, just because you don’t see a gun doesn’t mean you don’t have one.
      One more thing, stop paying money for meet and greets people, these celebrities can’t stand their fans. No your favorite star is not the acceptation. They’re like politicians, only they sing and act.

    • anonymous

      Why are the Americans still all about the benefits guns and that they need/love them? I don’t understand that at all.
      In Europe, gun control is so much more strict. I don’t know anyone who owns a gun and this is good. Because if you have the possibility to get used to guns and the shooting ,then how should we fear weapons or respect the power they have? Wouldn’t everyone take it like: “Ah, well I shoot everytime, It’s nothing, I’m used to it…It’s so easy to kill people now! ”
      I’m afraid of guns, I don’t want them, I don’t need them (I’m not a cop or anything so why should I?) And neither should you Americans!
      It makes me so angry to see kids at ages from 6 to 7 been shot by a sick person who knew how to control a gun from his mum, just because she took him to shooting ranges…And all I hear is people saying “teachers could have stopped him shooting if they were armed” ? really??

      Just look at other countries first (like some in Europe), they can handle it so much better then America. I never had to go to school in fear,thinking someone could carry a gun, NEVER, I never had any contact with guns and neither had my friends, family, … Just people whos job it is to protect us should carry a gun and not even own it all the time. I think it’s a better that way than allow even more guns…

      • Kirkland Dion Morris Jr

        I politely recommend that you take a gander at Switzerland’s gun laws, then. To summarize, Switzerland requires that military aged males maintain a fully-automatic assault rifle in their homes. Switzerland has yet to have a mass shooting, and has lower gun related crime rates than the UK, who have stricter gun laws than the US.
        Additionally, the UK had a school shooting in 1996 — 16 students were killed in Danblare, Scotland.

        Norway has especially strict gun laws, yet managed to have 90 plus people killed not all that long ago. Last year, there was a rash of shootings in Paris. They, too, have stricter laws than the US.

        The trend, whether in the US or in Europe, seems to be not lack of gun control laws, but a lot of un-armed people being gunned down by a bad guy with a gun. Banning guns would simply exacerbate the problem, in my estimation. After, prohibiting Heroin hasn’t stopped people from dying from overdose. I feel that prohibiting guns would simply leave law-abiding citizens defenseless, or force said citizens to become outlaws themselves. If you trust your personal safety solely to the government and police, you’re either woefully naive or an escapee from a Disney film.

        But personal defense isn’t the only reason the right to bear arms was established. You must bear in mind that, when the constitution was written, the writers had just fought a long a bloody war for independence from, of all things, a European tyrant. Knowing that power corrupts, it’s believed that the idea of an armed populace would deter our own handlers in Washington from reverting back into tyranny.

        Case in point — Germany in the 1930′s. Hitler was big on gun control, and was thus able to round the Jews up with relative ease– exception being, those in the Warsaw Ghetto, who — get this– armed themselves, and made themselves a harder target.

        Another example would be Stalin, who killed even more of his own people, who had also been disarmed. Or Slobodan Milosevic. Hell, we could even venture out of Europe for a bit and look at Mao Tse Tsung or flipping Pol Pot. All of them favored gun control, too.

        So yeah, we have looser gun laws, and yeah, we have mass shootings. But then, so do you. What we don’t have is our own government rounding us up and putting us into ovens whilst singing the Horst Wessel song.

      • K

        You need to remember how many times the USA has saved your ass with our guns. If it want for us England and France would still be speaking German

    • Anon

      To think that gun control will make all this go away is really simplistic thinking. And it’s just plain ridiculous to think more guns will protect people against gun crime! I think violence is a mindset that’s embedded in American culture. I also think it’s pretty sad that a person can get his hands on a gun or guns more easily than he can get access to mental health care.

    • JVD

      When our the gratuitously violent movies going to end? Dark Knight comes to mind. The newest mafia movie with a plethora of big name actors is another one that is full of guns and killing. Hypocrisy is a good word to use here.

    • Hola

      I’ll go ahead and leave this here.