12 Pictures That Explain Why I Want President Obama Under My Christmas Tree This Year

Vote how you will, and gripe and groan as much as you’d like about our economy or whatever other failings of his you’re partial to, but I personally think our president is pretty goddamn cool. Yeah, I gave TIME Magazine some shit yesterday for naming good ‘ol Barack Obama as their ‘Person of the Year‘…again, but that’s because they’re unimaginative, not because he’s anything but awesome. He’s certainly cooler than me — he’s friendly enough with Jay-Z and Beyonce that he gave them parenting advice for Blue Ivy. That’s pretty effing badass, am I right?

He just seems so cool in ways that politicians usually aren’t. He dances and he’s visibly in love with his wife and he interacts with kids and he shows emotion. What’s not to love? So I’ve collected some little presidential trinkets that I’m particularly fond of, and compiled them here today for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are photos of Barryboy and some of them are projects that he had absolutely no hand in creating, but I don’t care! I still love him with the fire of a thousand suns, so enjoy this walk through my brain and the things I enjoy.

Barack and Michelle Obama1. He’s been with Michelle since way back when pictures were still in black and white. Can’t be mad at that. (via Tumblr)Barack Michelle Obama2. And yet even surrounded by Secret Service agents, he still finds times to have a (semi) private moment with her where he gives her his jacket to wear. (via TIME)Barack Obama dancing3. Eeeee! Why do I love this so much? I don’t know, but it’s my favorite. Also just the fact he’s gone on shows like Ellen is wonderful. (via Tumblr)Barack Obama Mitt Romney4. Baritt Obamney. Tell me that’s not amazing. (via Tumblr)Barack Obama president Oval Office5. He’s letting that little kid touch his head. I don’t know why and I don’t need to.

6. He likes to go caroling.Barack on the phone President Obama7. He can be this guy…
(via Tumblr)Heartfelt Obama Sandy Hook President8. …and still be this guy. Compassion is key.Kayla Maroney Barack Obama9. As is topical pop culture knowledge of things like McKayla Is Not Impressed. (via Tumblr) Obama

10. Pranks are my favorite. (via Tumblr)Obama Single Ladies11. But instead I’ll just let Bar-once Knowles tell me that I’m a strong, empowered woman and if someone likes it, they had better but a ring on it. (via Tumblr)President Barack Obama Spiderman12. And finally this. THIS. I just…yeah, this.There are no words that are better than this picture. (via Tumblr)

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    • Mal

      The little kit touching his head had asked whether or not the president’s hair felt the same as his own. Barak decided to let him feel for himself.

    • mila

      this is great!

    • billy bob

      Omg, get off the guy’s jock. I voted for Obama but this is nonsense. He does normal crap like the rest of us. So effing what? He does some non-normal stuff like bombing innocent civilians around the
      world. Call me old-fashioned but I’m more worried about the latter! This is the perfect example of how “the system” (capitalist “democracy”) evacuates political life of all democratic content and turns our “leaders” into emotional advertising images, celebrity icons and personal friends that we just haven’t met yet. The White House knows full well what they’re doing and they effectively play people like you like the human fiddles you are. If you are not an employee of the White House and you actually went out of your way to “collate” all of their uploads into a buzzfeed style commentary, I just have to say… Wow. Sad statement on electoral democracy. Signed, Incredulous in Illinois.

      • YouLose

        Sounds like you need a hug. If you don’t like it THEN DONT READ IT JACK*SS. You are a complete idiot, and why America is the way it is today, because of morons like you who don’t know when to the shut the puck up. Please do our country a favor n go end of your life. The world is a better place without idiots like you in it. Disappear, you probably sit on your mommies income, on your computer all day, not working a day in your life, judging everyone n everything because you are so pathetic. You are a waste of life, and oxygen, the sooner you realize the world doesn’t owe you a damm thing, and go end your life so someone else who actually is worth more than a freeloader like yourself can put that wasted oxygen to good use n make the world a better place unlike you!!! IDIOT!

      • billy bob