Gallery: The San Diego Zoo’s New Panda Cub Xiao Liwu Might Just Be The Cutest Baby Animal Of 2012


As the year draws to a close, a sleeper candidate for “Cutest Baby Animal Of 2012″ has squeaked in under the wire, and I do mean a “sleeper”…at least, if the San Diego Zoo’s Panda Cam is to be believed. His name is Xiao Liwu, which means “Little Gift” in Chinese (aw), and he is the most adorable thing on four legs. But can he surpass Lil’ Bub, perma-kitten, and the various other baby animals of the internet in the short amount of time he has before the year is up? Check out this wonderful assortment of panda porn and see that yes, yes he can.

Photos: San Diego Zoo


LOOK AT THAT SMILE! This little dude loves the camera.


Epically meme-able medium face. Well played, Xiao Liwu. :|


When I grow up, I want to be a baby panda hugger.


I feel like they just did something surprising to his backside here.


It's hard out there for a panda cub.


Oh wait, no it's not.


Do you think he knows how cute and popular he is?


There are like a million photos of him getting measured, perhaps so they can copy him for mass production. (Please let this be the case.)
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