Watch The Voice Perform A Touching Tribute For The Sandy Hook Victims

the voice hallelujah tribute songWhile there’s nothing that can ever bring the victims of Sandy Hook back to life or possibly explain the completely senseless mass murder of 26 people last Friday, it’s extremely moving to watch The Voice pay tribute to the victims during last night’s finale.

The show’s finalists joined with the judges — Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine — as well as host Carson Daly to sing a touching rendition of “Hallelujah” during the live show. During the song, each person held up a small sign with the name and age of one of the victims. As the camera panned over each one and revealed the numbers 6 and 7 again and again, my heart dropped. Over and over and over, as it continues to do every time I’m reminded that this tragedy involved such incredibly young children.

Over the past few days we’ve come to know these names and the stories behind these names and each time I see them, I feel so heartwrenchingly horrible for these families that I can’t help but want to cry with them. What happened just isn’t fair and I wish I could more adequately put my grief and my sorrow and my anger into words — but I can’t.

Instead we can appreciate these small tributes to their memories and hope that they’ll inspire everyone to help out Newtown in any way that they can.

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    • Emma

      This event brings so many thoughts to my mind that it’s hard to articulate a single one. Issues of gun control, the systemic reproduction of mental illness, how we create social norms and values… I consider not only what to discuss, but where–what are the proper forums?

      For now, here, I think it appropriate to say this: Treat those immediately around you with compassion and love. You won’t believe how powerful your small actions can be.

      May all who need solace, find it.

    • Reese

      i literally got chills while watching this. RIP to all of the victims. I’m still keeping the families in my prayers