You’re Welcome: A GIF Guide To Season Two Of Homeland


 If you don’t regularly watch Homeland, then you probably didn’t watch last night’s gut-wrenching season 2 finale.  Which means you probably either: a.) live under a rock; b.) prefer really dumb television; or c.) think you might like it but you think it’s too late to start watching now.  In case you answered with “c”, you’ll be happy to know that I’m about to sum up the entire season for you with a little GIF assistance.  If you answered either “a” or “b”, please move along.

The first thing you must know about Homeland: Inigo Montoya is a little older, a little wiser, and you will kind of wish he was your work dad.



(GIFS: Tumblr and Tumblr)

Claire Danes must be one of the most talented actresses out there today, because she can go from looking like this:


to this:


(GIFS: Tumblr)

to this:


(GIFSL Tumblr)

The most annoying teenage daughter to ever be cast in a television show isn’t Glen Bishop from Mad Men or Prince Joffrey from Game of Thrones.  It’s Dana Brody.


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Rupert Friend (whom I only know from Pride and Prejudice) is surprisingly bad ass.  Also, Homeland loves to cast Brits to portray Americans–they’ve got three in the cast.



(Photos: Tumblr)

Saul Berenson is to Homeland what Bates is to Downton Abbey. Except he’s a lot less polite during shitty situations.



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There is no President of the United States on this show.  The VP makes all of the major decisions, and thus is a major dickhead.  See ya, Walden!


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Even though Sgt. Nicholas Brody is kind of a terrorist, irrevocably fucked up, a ginger, and probably can’t be trusted to be a fully functional father/human being, he makes me melt.  Against your better judgement, you will find yourself yearning for this:


and this:


and… SIGH… this:


 (Photos: Tumblr)

Okay, who’s ready for Homeland season 3?

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