Amanda Seyfried Defends Anne Hathaway In An Interview By Totally Dissing Underwear

Amanda Seyfried LAJust when you thought this Anne Hathaway scandal couldn’t get anymore sordid and twisted, Amanda Seyfried got involved. Yep, that Amanda Seyfried. TMZ caught up with her at the airport yesterday and asked her what she thought about her co-star going commando to the NYC premiere of Les Miserables.

She nonchalantly replied that it’s not a big deal because frankly, she only wears underwear because it keeps her warm. That’s all. It’s a coat for her crotch on a cold and blustery day. Why, if she lived in the tropics, she would never wear it. Because it’s stupid. Just thinking about it makes her laugh hysterically. Underwear! What a strange concept! Why the more you really think about the word, the more ridiculous it sounds. Why wear something that goes under your wear? No one can even see it.

As heartwarming as it is to see co-stars defending each other against ridiculous scandals that go on for too long, I don’t really understand why it had to end like this. Why couldn’t she tell everyone to stop bothering Anne Hathaway for a momentary mistake without throwing underwear under the bus. I’m sure the International Underwear Industry’s in full-on PR crisis mode right now trying to right this wrong and convince people that they’re a very necessary item of clothing. Maybe not at all times, but certainly at most times. At least  during times when one’s exiting a car.

While I know that Amanda didn’t mean to insult the hundreds (thousands?) of people who wear underwear for non-vagina-coat reasons, It certainly came off like the ultimate diss. Some days, it would just be nice to wake up to a Hollywood that didn’t feel like a repeat of my middle school years. Maybe in 2013…

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    • siriusthecat

      Just when you thought they couldn’t get any dumber. I can see a man being confused about the need for under garments, but a female? What kind of skank wears a dress without undergarments. Her dress was too tight was the reason I heard. Funny though it was so baggie it opened to expose her whole crotch. My tight dresses cling a bit more, and control top pantyhose will improve the fit and remove any panty lines. They even have hose with built in underwear. Anne has no class and Amanda has even less. I love the idea people should do the right thing a delete the pictures. That was someones Xmas bonus you twit. You should throw out your next paycheck Anne, in this economy it would probably help someone out. No wonder these twits are confused by undergarments. How the hell do they manage with tampons?

      • Jess

        Speaking of class, I like that you’re defending the idea that this photographer’s Christmas bonus came from humiliating someone — what a noble way to make money.

      • siriusthecat

        Its a job. If people didn’t buy tabloids there wouldn’t be so many paps. I’m pretty sure a lot of guys got the shot so the check wasnt giant. Deleting or missing the photo would get them fired. In this economy? Yeah he should give up hid job on principal. Maybe she just buy underpants or get used to it. Don’t judge people for their jobs. That’s classless.