Demi Lovato Tweets Out Fake Naked Photo Of Herself Because Why Not

Demi Lovato Black Dress

While you spent last night dreaming about Bravo picking up on the Amish trend and launching the Real Housewives of Lancaster County, Demi Lovato tweeted out a naked photo of herself. Except twist, it wasn’t really her!

The excitement began when she tweeted out that her Twitter account got hacked at 2:58 AM.

Demi Lovato Twitter Hacked

If I’d been awake, I obviously would have alerted the proper authorities: LAPD and TMZ. But alas, I wasn’t. Whether or not I’ll ever forgive myself for falling asleep while Demi Lovato was still awake remains TBD. But I can’t worry about that now. Not when I’m showing you how everything went down.

Demi Lovato Naked Tweet

A minute after the initial tweet, the “hacker” tweeted out a question ascertaining who many of her followers would like to see her naked. Based on the retweets and the favorites, It looks like 10,000+ would be interested in this proposition.

I guess the “hacker” took that as a good sign and tweeted out the following:

Demi Lovato Naked Photo Tweet

Get it? She tricked everyone! She wasn’t hacked and she wasn’t naked. It’s a barbie with her face pasted on. And everyone knows barbies can’t ever be legally naked since they lack genitals. Like a second coming of Ashton Kutcher, she totally punked us all!


Why not!

This is America and we’re lucky enough to live in a country where celebrities can tweet out fake nude photos of themselves whenever they please. You go on with your bad self Demi Lovato, I’m loving it!

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