The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: What’s Adrienne Maloof’s Big Secret?!

UPDATE: Various news outlets are revealing that the big secret is…Adrienne Maloof allegedly used a pregnancy surrogate for the birth of her three sons, and Brandi Glanville spilled the beans on it after Adrienne was talking about her husband, Paul Nassif, being by her side during her C-sections. Busssssteddddd.

When we last left the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things seemed to be going okay. The women took a mini-vaycay to Ojai, California, and though there were a few bumps in the road AKA “ShutTheF**kUpGate”, things seemed to go relatively smooth. Though the women seemed to be chummy on the trip, it’s clear that Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof have some issues to work out. The two haven’t been getting along, and ever since Brandi told Adrienne to “shut the eff up,” things have been a little tense.

I’ve never really seen Adrienne Maloof as a key player. For the past two seasons, she’s kind of just sat in the background and was annoying and weird. She came out with a shoe line or something and then got a dog that tried to rival the cuteness of Lisa Vanderpump’s pup, Giggy, and failed. She and her husband just bicker and fight and to be honest I can’t even handle her voice anymore. I just have a sound byte of,  “Oh no! Somebody’s crying!” playing over and over in my head. It’s worse than having “Call Me Maybe” or “Friday” stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

This season, Adrienne seems to have changed her tune. I think she is tired of being in the background while all the rest of the women take the spotlight. She’s been a supporting actress in this Bravo show, and I think she finally wised up that supporting actresses don’t get enough camera time. This would explain her fight with Lisa Vanderpump that got a lot of attention and her tiff tonight with Brandi. Later in the season, we will also see the demise of her marriage with her husband, Paul Nassif. It seems that Adrienne’s agent kicked her ass into gear and thus all the drama surrounding the Maloofs.

At a appetizer tasting at the Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur, Brandi reveals that Adrienne and Paul Maloof had called Brandi and asked her to publicly tweet certain things about Lisa Vanderpump and take back other things she has originally said. The tweets were supposed to be in favor of the Maloofs. Brandi goes on and on and on about Adrienne. She then reveals a “secret” that Bravo edits out of the tasting and all the women start to react unfavorably, but we don’t know what it is! Are you kidding me, Bravo? What is the secret about Adrienne!? Something with her family? Something with her job? Is she really a man? What did Brandi say?!

Everyone gathers together at Kyle Richard’s husband, Mauricio’s, real estate event to celebrate the big opening. The first to arrive is Camille Grammar (my queen) with her new man, Demitri! I am still so upset that she’s not a housewife anymore. She was such a firecracker. Anyway, when Kim Richards shows up to the event, she makes it a point to go right over to the Maloofs and tell them what Brandi had said at the Sur tasting. Kim tells Adrienne that Brandi claimed she lies. But about what?! That is the part that America wants to know about, people. All we know is that it’s about her family and it’s a “bombshell” and that Paul Nassif gets super pissed off. Adrienne then drops the word “lawsuit”! This must be good! WHAT IS THE SECRET? COME ON. Is it something about the Maloof’s children?

Brandi then overhears Paul call Brandi a “bitch,” and things get ugly. There is finger-pointing and cursing and screaming and a lot of people watching. It’s hard to see Brandi get completely attacked by Paul and Adrienne with no one in her corner, but did she bring it upon herself? Maybe. Look, there is nothing I hate more than a tattletale. Why did Kim have to choose her brother-in-law’s big event to do this? Why did she have to tell Adrienne in the first place? That was completely for drama. Maybe Kim felt like she needed to get back at Brandi a little bit for their scuffles last year. Whatever her reasoning was for telling the Maloofs, this was an inappropriate time to bring it up.

So what is the secret that Brandi spilled? Is it even true? Who was the most out of line at Mauricio’s event? Who else misses Camille?

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    • mike

      I hate Brandi, its very easy to understand why her husband left her. She’s a skin bag full of crazy, xanex and wine. Why is anyone surprised about Kim bringing drama? Thats the point of the show. If everyone sat around and cordially spoke to one another over dinner who’d watch?

      • Betty

        Brandi is the child who tells the people that the Emperor has no clothes–she has breathed life into the show. I like her and he husband is a well known sleazeball who is already cheating on that country music hack he’s married to.

      • Betty

        Brandi is the child who tells the people that the Emperor has no clothes–she has breathed life into the show. I like her and he husband is a well known sleazeball who is already cheating on that country music hack he’s married to.

    • Betty Boop

      Yawn! of course Adrienne used a surrogate, she’s 101 years old! This was no secret, and why she felt compelled to lie about it, I will never understand. There must be more to this story–such as Adrienne once went by the name Andrew.

    • Betty Boop

      Yawn! of course Adrienne used a surrogate, she’s 101 years old! This was no secret, and why she felt compelled to lie about it, I will never understand. There must be more to this story–such as Adrienne once went by the name Andrew.

    • ssg3368

      Brandi is trash! Why anyone invites her to anything is beyond me. She as a filthy mouth and not an ounce of manners or civility. I am losing respect for Lisa for befriending her and making excuses for her poor behavior. I’m not a great fan of the Maloofs but, seriously, Brandi should not be on this show . . . recast her on Jersey Shore.

      • Bailey Guess

        Thank you! It drives me crazy that so many people stick up for her and I see right through her! She’s a horrible person. She’s the loose cannon she calls herself and rightfully so. It’s not an accident when people continuously drop bombs of others truth. It’s not Brandi’s job and she is a destructive person who watches and enjoys the damage of her ways. I know this person so well because I have been targetted by one. They are so predictable and Faye knows these types too. She called it correctly even if it wasn’t her business. Take heed the rest of you. The wrong side of Brandi is very dangerous to ones health.

    • Trixiebelle

      Adrienne is as old as I am – 51! She’d have to have used a surrogate. No one could pump out three kids at her age.

      • vicky

        She had her kids 8-10 years ago! That would have made her 41 years old. Geesh!!!!

      • Nik

        Wrong, she had one of her kids 8 years ago. The twins are the ones in questioned and they are 4-5 range. She would have been 45. A pregnancy, let alone a twin pregnancy would be risky for a women that age. Not to mention the chances of Down syndrome and other health factors to the baby increase over the age of 35.
        That all being said, I don’t think that is a big secret. Especially giving the circumstances of her age. I think it has more to do with the kids being adopted or an egg donor. If so, I could understand why they (Paul and Adrienne) reacted they way the did. That is very personal and highly sensitive info.

      • JESUSlovesPeaches

        Not without GOD’s help.

    • Sissi

      I think Adrienne had a sex change that would explain the surrogate thing and Paul did the surgery!

    • vicky

      Brandi, you should really remember that it was ADRIENNE who got you that gig on the housewives of BH. You should kiss the ground that Adrienne walks on.
      And to the others out there who say that Adrienne is too old to get pregnant — PLEASE, there are women who get pregnant at that age — it can happen. BUT, if you do your research, her children are 9-10 and 7-8 years old. That would take Adrienne back 8-10 years ago, where she would have been 41 years old! Yes, women get pregnant in their 40′s! Anyone?

    • cilla

      i am on team Brandi,she was treated like sh….t from the first time we saw her-Kim started that whole thing at Maurcio’s event,he should be mad at her, it will come out that Brandi was right, she will be vindicated.

    • NicoleLaine

      I’m sticking with her having a sex change! Would explain the secret surrogate.

    • Stephanie

      If this story is true…..wat is soo horrible about it?? I dunt understand. From the way everyone acted i thought it was something way worse. Thers obviously way more to the story

    • kd1511

      Seriously the big secret is her using a surrogate. Good god big deal! What don’t people get you are on TV.cameras following your every move, you really think anything is going to remain secret???

    • kd1511

      I think Brandi gets thrown under the bus, being the underdog in a very superficial world they all live in, they all talk behind eachothers back , she can be abravise at times but she’s real. Lisa I think is very classy , she always keeps it together , and seems genuine

    • Steph

      If Camille grammar also use a surrogate, what’s the big deal? It def don’t mean Adrienne had a sex change either. Adrienne and Paul are that upset because they get caught in too many lies and it looks bad. Stop lieing!!!

    • sickofbrandi

      I cannot believe that Bravo actually pays Brandi for her behavior. She destroys families, is vindictive, nasty and just downright spiteful. I know she has been hurt but hasn’t.
      But why hurt others?

    • Shanava

      I love Brandi,there is one word for her,REAL!It must be so hard fitting in with those fake b..ches.They are so phoney.I think Kyle is the biggest one of all,trying to act like she is a friend to everybody,but she loves the drama,starts half of it and walks away smelling like roses.She used to be my favorite,now, not so much.She is a wolf in sheeps clothing.She is jeolous of Brandi,and also her relationship with Lisa.I love Lisa,she instigates, but owns up to it.Get rid of Kim all together.I hope she isnt still getting a payckeck.Is it me or does anybody else think Kim is using?she is isolating again.And go away Faye,you fame whore,you are not a housewife.And hopefully wont be in the near future.

    • Adopted

      Maybe the reason Adrienne and Paul were upset about the disclosure is because her children didn’t know that there was a surrogate mother, or they are adopted. That’s not something children need to learn from malicious gossip in public. Regardless of what anyone thinks about Brandi, she is malicious for making this statement in public. She clearly sank to a new low.

    • JESUSlovesPeaches

      I am not judging, just commenting from experience: they all need a new reality called JESUS and not because they see, annoying. A lot of unnecessary drama can be avoided through prayer and a relationship with CHRIST.

      Seriously, if you ask GOD to pick your friends, drama can be avoided. I am a witness.