Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Some People Don’t Deserve a Second Chance

When I turned on Teen Mom 2 last night, I wasn’t sure I was watching the right show. There were some very responsible choices being made, which fits with the theme of this week’s episode, second chances. But don’t be fooled, these girls still provided us with plenty of drama. You didn’t expect them all to grow up since last week did ya?

It doesn’t seem like Kailyn’s second chance with boyfriend, Jordan, is working out. He can’t seem to trust her again after she cheated on him with baby daddy, Jo. Chelsea’s relationship isn’t fairing much better. She and Adam are over again much to her dismay. On a more positive note, Jenelle had a personality transplant this week and is fighting for her second (or millionth) chance. Plus, Leah seems sticking to her plan of attending nursing school



DON’T: Be with someone for the wrong reasons

Kailyn seemed to be all about getting Jordan back, after cheating on him with Jo. But now it appears as if she’s changed her mind again. In a conversation she had with a friend, we learn that Kailyn is what one might call a serial monogamist. In other words she goes from relationship to relationship most likely because she doesn’t want to be alone. I feel like that’s the only reason she’s with Jordan, and that’s a shame. She should be with someone because she wants to be with him not because she fears not having someone to come home to at night.

DO: Get out more

I’m getting a little sick of Kailyn’s relationship drama. Should she stay with Jordan? Should she go back to Jo and become the picture perfect family? I don’t know. What I do know is that she clearly needs to spend some more time with her friends. Unlike many of the umm interesting characters we see on this show, they gave her some good advice about relationships and family.

DO: Move on

If the ridiculous phone conversation they had at the end of this episode is any indication, it doesn’t look like Kailyn and Jordan will be reuniting any time soon. I think that’s for the best. I understand that she cheated on him and consequently he doesn’t trust her the way he used to. However, I also understand her point that if he was willing to take her back they have to try to move past it. They can’t be together every second of every day, and with all the damage done it’s probably best they stay apart.

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    • Shannon LeeAnn

      agree with everything you said. I can barely watch anymore teen moms due to the stupidity of these girls. Very immature. Also why does eveyrone keep getting puppy mill dogs? There are rescues that have full breeds and shelters. Meeting someone in a parking lot with a puppy means she has stuff to hide at home and you are getting an unhealthy dog and perpetuating mills and backyard breeding where the moms and dads are heavily used and abused and live horrible lifes. but of course since a lot of these girls are so immature it’s only natural they don’t care about dogs either.
      Its funny that Chelsea lets her Dad pay for everything then LECTURES him. If I were her Dad I wouldn’t be paying for her house etc. Her dad is a WONDERFUL man and too wonderful for the likes of Chelsea. She likes to be abused as do many of these girls. Janelle, Chelsea, Kailyn- they all like drama and like getting abused. Its very sad! They truly need to grow up. Chelsea is one of the worst as she lets Adam abuse her own CHILD! I have seen him with her. I wouldn’t be shocked if he is a molester either. He gives that vibe and I wouldn’t trust him alone with a plant, let alone an animal or a CHILD!
      Joe is not a good person but Kailyn deserves him. She is MUCH nicer to Joe because she likes to abuse and drama. It is VERY sad when I see people like that especially due to the fact that kids are involved.
      And Janelle and her mom HA! They both are horrible doing that screaming and swearing in front of that child. Neither of them should have him doing that in front of him.