Countdown To The Mother: Maybe Ted Would Find The Mother If He’d Lose The Red Cowboy Boots

I have one thing to say about this lackluster episode of How I Met Your Mother and that is that I’m unimpressed. Last night’s episode “The Over-Correction” had much to do with the blossoming relationship between Barney and Patrice (no, this is not a joke). It also reminded us that everybody walks all over nice-guy Ted, and unfortunately provided us with the disturbing image of Lily’s dad and Marshall’s mom hooking up.

First things first, I’m going to point out that this is another episode that provided us with no insight as to who the mother is going to be. I have to say it’s getting a little old. Ted’s last serious relationship was with Victoria and we’ve known forever that they weren’t going to end up together. Talk about frustrating.

Ted spent most of this episode being reminded of how his friends are constantly borrowing his things and not returning them. It was amusing, and there were a couple of laugh out loud moments (like when Barney dropped a bunch of Ted’s irreplaceable childhood Christmas ornaments on the ground because someone was ringing his doorbell). But I was really hoping that Robin would destroy those red cowboy boots once and for all. I think that’s key to Ted finally finding his “one.” Just kidding! Or am I?

Instead of focusing on Ted, this episode was all about Barney’s relationship with Patrice and of course Robin’s determination to break them up. I actually agree with Robin. Barney and Patrice definitely don’t make sense, especially after that epic speech Barney made about Robin a few weeks back. This is why I’m a firm believer that this supposed relationship is just an elaborate ruse cooked up by Barney. He’s trying to make Robin jealous enough to admit her feelings for him, and I’d imagine it’s going to work. This week she spent almost the entire episode in his closet trying to sabotage whatever he and Patrice have. I’m quite sure he knew she was there the entire time, hence why he never once looked in her direction and why he told Patrice they were going to spend the whole night inside the apartment.  But that’s just one girl’s opinion.

Also, I’d just like to state for the record that I’m not completely sure I want Barney and Robin to happen. I love them separately, and I don’t even mind the slightly awkward dynamic they had going on earlier this season. But last time the show put them together, it was beyond disappointing. They were barely even together before they started fighting all the time. Ultimately, they decided to end their relationship because they couldn’t be “awesome” together. The whole thing was just ridiculous. So if they’re really going to be together (and it looks like they are), I’m cautiously optimistic that it will be both more realistic and funnier than their last attempt.

All in all, I wasn’t too excited by this episode. But, I will of course tune in every week on the off chance that they’ll finally reveal the mother. So here’s to hoping we meet her next week. Seriously, keep your fingers crossed.

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    • Lauren

      I agree with you. I found most of this episode annoying. Robin is my favorite character and the last few episodes of her wanting to be with Barney and doing crazy things just seems so out of character they don’t resonate with me at all. And Ted’s story line is always the filler of the episode which is getting really old. The mother better show up soon!

    • mari

      well, i think if barney and patrice are fraude just to make robin jealows, then his character hasn’t grown up anything. robin always rejected him. he told her everything he felt and still she was all “we can’t do this” blablabla. i hope barney’s relationship with patrice will teach him how to be real husband material apart from this competitive scheme robin’s playing. i think she also needs to learn how to be in a relationship before marrying him

    • mari

      and why isn’t there any sex mentions with these two? barney can’t nail a fatty? kind of sexist

      • Rachel

        I know ! Ordinarily Barney can’t do without mentioning the word at least 10 times during the 20 odd minutes, but with Patrice, no mention of the deed at all !

    • Rachel

      Couldn’t agree more. I don’t like Barney and Robin together at all, and I’m not even excited by the prospect of meeting the mother, finally. One substandard episode after another. *Sigh*

    • unknown

      I actually loved this episode, it was really funny to me. I’ve never cared about the mother, so I’m not keeping my fingers crossed. I fell in love with the characters and I’m still in love with them, namely Barney and Robin. Next week, what I’m keeping my fingers crossed for, is that Barney reveals he was scheming with Patrice and then proposes to Robin and she says yes. I LOVE these two together so I really hope the writers don’t screw them over again as they have done in the past.

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